October 31, 2007

-Finally Fresh Air-

For the past few days i got no time to update my blog. Reason :
Assignments & Tests

Assignment due dates ITA : 31/10/2007(Microsoft Access and Power Point)
COS :1/11/2007(Writing Skill)

Test Electrical & Electronic Principal: 6/11/2007
Quantitative Methods : 5/11/2007

Came back from Apiit had my dinner and shower normal la. Den night trying my best to finish my ITA assignment so the next day i can let my yim zhim si lai dumpling lecturer check it and correct my mistake.

Do Do Do Dam i feel so HOT!!!(Cuaca panas!!) So i get up on air-con lo. Normally Air-con got the main switch Green And Red ma. Green = ON Red = Off (Just in case some of u all tak tau apa tu) Once i press the GREEN button. POK.WTF house Main SwitchBox tutup =/

So i explain to my mom wat happen n i kena for it. My mom blame me say "C la must be ur comp la!! so many switches der and d cable everywhere!!" Putih-Putih kena for nth T_T

Forget bout d air-con, i cont my work until like about 2.30am Finally finish my Microsoft Access rest awhile !#%@$^%*^ presentation still havent do and EEP test!! OMg OMg OMg*i panic ed* sit down n think for a solution OK. Presentation Forget it dunit let her check take risk...Study EEP(Semangat Gila)

Study for like 10 min Eyes Slowly dropping down, brain shutting down den auto my leg start to walk towards d bed n i slept XD

Next morning, such an ugly day!! EEP test n i got 0% in my brain = Die. Enter class early wait for lecterur to come in so study lo. Den lecturer came in with a bad news he said " Guys n gals i got a bad news. Ur Test change to Next week because the d Question havent confirm from ppl above."

My EEP lecturer kinda evil ke lo. He say he wont give simple question and he will fail u with a smile =). Well all i have to say Mr.Botak i will throw u down from the roof with a smile =)

Me of course happy la but i pity my fren, Wai Kit he study until 3.30am+ End up useless for the moment XD After the first class, balik rumah cont doing my presentation. Wat A borin LIfe!!!

Went back home do my presentation until 2am+ Done Everything left song cant get a suitable 1 so i asked Miss Senang aka Sanny for help. She sent me 1 litre of tears song. At first i wanna put Mr.Gay Chao oppps i mean Mr. Jay Chao song but but but but but how to say dunt feel like insert it.HEhe

First Class QM starts at 8.45am n i woke up at 8.30am. Taik Late dengan Teruk liow. So fai fai kao tim shower fly back apiit masuk class at 9.47am and class end at 10.15am..Still can masuk wor XD

Tan Eng Loong<== my QM lect says "Dunt think u ppl got ur dockets dosent mean u cant be barred from exam ar!! ur kehadiran still will be taken as long below 80% der u go"
So i attended Moral Studies Class for 1 1/2 hours class So Sleepy tat time T_T and cant sleep cause too little ppl in the class easily get spotted.
Class over liow NO ATTENDANCE taken!!! KNN tat
Tan Eng Loong Con Us!! Say attendance will be taken!!!
Reason he con us : he Ng Song us liow.
Student attend his class very little like 20-30 student only and those 20-30 student mostly doing ITA assignment cause today due date*Normal*
During break time i edit my ITA assignment based on my ITA lecturer comment. The more i edit, more problems keep popping out.
The most silly mistake i did was i dint save the song for my presentation into my external H.D.
When i run it no sound!! OMg Problems + Problems * 2 = Panic. I keep calling Pui San my source for tat song, she dint pick my call!! n i msg her no reply SEi lo. Ask ppl around Tiada juga.
Until i msg her say tat "is a matter of life and death situation" after few mins Ring Ring c HP Pui San CAlling...Finally Angel drop from the sky. She send d song to me again through MSN.
While walking to the Resource Lab to print some stuff, some of my classmates have to redo their assignment because Pendrive corrupted, Data corrupted Kesian Korang.
Apa happen in d end?? Dey manage to Kao tim everything in time =)
AFter Days of Stress...I Shall reward myself with extra Sleeping hours + activity in the next 24 Hours

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