October 15, 2007


Finally im b in KL, n my Sem break starts tmr!! Actually i should be b yesterday but something changes d plan cont readin to find out =)

Day 1 Tapah
Wake up 7.30am just to travel, in d car onli got me, mom, cz, niece, nephew and my maid. My niece counted so many ppl n suggested to me eh drive ur wira with a wicked smile on her face! As An American man Says: It Is A Good Idea! but think of the petrol OMG NO WAY!!! my cz drives a Toyota Hilux 2.5 guna diesel sumore cheap like dirt d cost + Company pay for it!! Forget about it masuk kereta n start d journey before the highway starts to JAM. Before we go to my mom's auntie place which is my ermmm grand-aunt?
we stopped by at "Kuala Woh"(should be dis spelling) for a swim in d river. Ok ere is the Question "All River Water in Msia is Hot or Cold?" If u answer "All Cold" u r WRONG not all! Kuala Woh river water is half hot n half cold. Hot water = can boil an egg until masak, Cold Water = Chilled Water. Though part of the river water is cold, the sand below water is hot!! REAL HOT!! Is a relaxing place to go durin normal days NOT HOLIDAYS! After hours in d water, all kena sun-burn =( sakit wei even now is still pain!! (Upload pic soon).

After that, we went to my "grand-aunt's" house to shower and wait for dinner time!!! I ingat the wedding dinner will be in the multipurpose hall not this time. In the invitation card, dinner starts at 5.30pm. So 5.10pm leave the house reach there at 5.40pm wait for everyone arrive in the restaurant until 6.20pm start serving! Man ppl der start dinner so early and much puncual than KL ere! Quality of the food average but the portion *faint* cant finish everything that were been served. Best part is ere, cant finish tak ape "Waiter, plastic bag pls!!" Bungkus Bungkus Bungkus, OK whole plate clean! My favourite dish for the night was the "Fried Prawn with Oats". Gosh the prawns were H U G E and C R U N C H Y. Pity din bring camera along if not hehehe. The dessert best ar! ice-cream in cups got various type of flavours ada corn, choco, and vanila.

8.20pm the dinner over liow!! Kl wedding dinner, 8.20pm i dunt think the food start to serve yet anot ar! After that, head down to IPOH =) Stop by at my 5th aunt hse and collect my 3rd aunt's house key which is 2 streets behind.

Sleeping position for the night.

Sleep until syok syok middle of the night my nephew dunno how he sleep roll until my leg and place his head on my leg as his pillow. I dint knoe until i feel my leg got something on it. Take ape push his head b on his own pillow. Not long later, he hug my leg as his boaster =/ so i shake my leg until his arm release my leg. Close to sun-rise another round he get up slap my face twice n ask for blanket den go back to sleep. i think he was dreaming or something kena slap from him for nth lo =( 8am morning liow he wake up n cry and ask "y am i ere????" =.=" tat moment i feel like crying and laughing!!

Day 2 Ipoh

Wake up Makan Makan Makan Makan non stop XD gosh weight macam increase liow!! 3 something my cz say 5 or 6 something we leave! me n my niece was so not cukup in iPoh. So when my cz was sleeping me, niece, mom, ipoh cz and aunt cepat cepat rush to TESCO XTRA(it was makro but bought over by tesco* buy food make KOREAN BBQ for dinner!! My cz dint knoe tat we plan to stay over for another night until we return from TESCO EXTRA. hehehe

Day 3 b to KL

Dis morning we stopped at KAMPAR for breakfast. When we arrived in the town, it was so so so DEAD but once we reach the market WAHLAOWEH the ppl!! the F O O D i was starving tat time XD the place was crowded with ppl walking and motorist. I kinda have phobia for motorist close to me cause had a minor accident in MELAKA few months back. Masuk KAMPAR selera makan look for breakfast. Walk walk walk walk walk

Gosh all the food are the SAME!! WTH yet all the stalls were crowded. Den i found a stall with a newspaper article stick at his "porridge" stall. In my mind hmmmm got newspaper article der must be good ok la try it. When the porridge arrived they gave me a pair of recycle bamboo chopsticks!! i terus throw tat away!! the porridge contain 4 big 1 small minced pork ball. Tats all. RM2 per-boal. The taste average...haiz..kecewa. Kena con by tat article. Den my niece bought some APOMS wow..tat was WONDERFUL crunchy, hot and the smell *Drooooooooooool* when u bite it so crunchy and start to chew a very strong taste of egg flavour starts to come out. B A G U S!!!

Thats all for my trip =) will upload photo soon!

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