October 28, 2007

City Life

Friday 26 October 2007. WGT Tournament Day 1

9am i left home & fetch MZ to 1u. So syok for the first time i get a parking near the entrance in 1 Utama. Normally have to drive round and round the parking levels and rebut with ppl but not today =)

Den we walk to Highstreet where WGT held and AVP(Clement, Himmat and PAJI*Taiko*) were there earlier than us.

Chit chat awhile then go check the board c hu are our lucky opponent?? look look look

Mz : Der [Mc] EchO Vs SFX. DIe lo
Me : Y Die??
Mz : I remember dey are d 1st runner up in dunno apa C.C for WCG competition de!!

Me : U must be joking!! maybe u remember wrongly leh..or this is pirated version leh!!

So after tat we walk away and collect our goodie bag!! =)

Dis is 1 huge bag also but not as big as WCG de and better design sumore!

Shirt, Car Sticker, Mouse Pad and AcBel Sponsor Item.

AcBel FREE BLUETOOTH!!! NOT just a torchlight looks like a Bluetooth XD

i must say WGT goodie bag is better than WCG lo even their shirt design is better take a look...

Front View Design

Back View. These 2 shirt material is totally diff. WCG macam an
ordinary shirt material but WGT is like jersey type. Soft and Smooth

10+ the tournament begins and [Mc] EchO start 2nd but Mao, Guanhua and Zhen yu wasnt there yet. They were stuck in LDP jam*normal case* So me, Mz and even Himmat*Kawan Baik* Panic Together!! They keep calling for our team den Me and Mz told d crew wat was happening.

The crew c our opponent not ere yet ask us faster rush dem ere and set out things. Phew lucky both teams also late. AMITABHA. If they dint reach soon we might be BAN for the tournament!! It was such a close call.

All arrive liow..Let's Game..PIANG PIANG PIANG K.O score???
2-16 T_T

Haihz, they are really the original SFX!!! Pro Team>Accurate shots, fast move and ninja skill!!
Got few times i mati also dunno apa happen. Kesian aku

[Mc] EchO still havent reach the level yet but we are still learning. We are always open for any friendly match WITHOUT wallhackers!!

After our game, we lepak around wait for Hybrid(Malaysia CS Team). In the tournament no other team can fight with dem except FMJ and ****(dunno apa name liow forgotten). Others can actually go inside show face aje. Play or no play result same = Mati dengan teruk!

While lepak-ing holding camera snap some shots

EArly morning crowd at Highsteert, 1U

PC used during WGT.(Monitor : 16:10 wide screen, 2ms R.T, RM1500) The Cpu casing macam alienware + the usus inside der = RM3899. So total this whole set is RM5399!!

@#%#$^#GILA PRICE%#$^#%@

Even OGAWA is in WGT!!

Do be honest. Hu cares about the massage chair. All the people care is when is their turn to play free game!!

Den we went to Old Asia at LG for lunch* aka Hell where i used to work 3 years ago but hu cares now i go der eat can get 20% discount ^^V
It is still early Plans option a) GO back Apiit attend moral studies b) GO FTZ c) Go Home
Majority B) FTZ
Thats how we end our sad day by releasing stress in FTZ.
Today sleeping syok syok..tiba-tiba my hp ring...*my cousin call me* T_T apa lagi go to his shop and work!!!
2.50 i reach at the shop start working as cashier. First business..Key in wrong figure TUT TUT TUT. It has been so long dint go der liow. Cash Machine so asing to me!
The croud is veli d weird come in group. Got business = lots of people if No business 1 by 1 come in. Sien & Tired. Today alot of RM50 come in buat counter not enough RM10 notes. My cousin told me is normal!! =/
If the crowd start with small notes, the whole day no big note. If big note keep cumin in, prepare more small notes.I heard bread gonna increase 40 cent!!
Y everything increase but my pocket money still remain d same??
I worked until 7.30pm CABUT!!! When i was about to leave, a customer came in asked for my cousin sister for assistant search for "bread" inside the shop. I was like herr?? bread outside ma cant c meh?? Mana tau his "bread" was Sanituary Pad.
Me & cousin sister and bro were like =.=". Tailo ar..of all names u named as BREAD!!! He is a loyal customer + joker la not pin tai lou. He was buying for his girlfriend XD <===lelaki yang baik!!!
Haiz...Der goes my Saturday!! Sunday liow den Monday C-L-A-S-S =(

Tuesday-Electric & Electronic Principal Test, Wednesday- ITA Assignment Due Date

Ky dis is my timetable :
Monday : 8.30am-10.00am
Tuesday : 11.00am-1.00pm
Wednesday : 8.45am-10.15am
Thursday : 8.45am-10.15am
Friday : 8.45am-10.15am
Ky Bersyukur la..everytime msg u sure at home de!!! For me either in APIIT or on d road!

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