October 6, 2007

-Cute Babies-

Gosh in my family tree, my ranking makes me so old =( Before i was born, already got 1 niece & 1 nephew. Imagine someone is older than u calls u UNCLE UNCLE =/

The photos below are my cute baby niece but taken few years back. Lets take a look.

Dis is Chin Ying Zhen. From my father side de. She makes alot of changes in the family which is a good sign =). Therefore, she is kinda d queen in the house and try not disturb her when she is having *fatt tau foong*<==cantonese word(i dunno how to jelaskan) thats wat my younger cousin always says. Trust me! i kena b4. Her birthday is the best and i wont be able to forget it because is just 1 day b4 mine ><>

Dis is Chin Ying Pei. Younger sister of the "queen" above. B4 she was born, my cousin n aunt was worried will the big sister bully the younger one?hmmmm well guess wat, they are WRONG!!! Pei always hentam Zhen instead of Zhen hentam Pei. The world has change people!! BEWARE of our younger brothers and sisters. Durin my time, my sister always bully me. Haiz sad case kan but now change liow =) Try to avoid sleeping in front of her! She loves to kacau ppl sleeping by slapping, poking your eye, scratch or she will even put her hand into ur mouth*if is open* n dig your throat<== my cousin bro kena b4 poor him.

Last 2 months, both of them had a baby bro. I Forgotten wats his name but everyone calls him Jun Boi. No photo yet. Soon i will upload his photo. =)

Dis 2nd queen is Geraldine*should be right spelling* She is from my mother side de. This photo taken few weeks after she was born. Seldom c her cause diff country -Singapore- look she is winking. Hehe

Dis is Little Jae. Born at 29 September 2007. Dunt have much photo and info about her. I cant wait to go to -Singapore- to c her. Pui San aka Sanny u r so lucky! I wont hate the "date" now is onli nico hate that XD

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Samantha said...

since when i bully u har? u can forget bout all ur surfy items d...not buying u any more