October 26, 2007

-Big Day-

Today normal nth much happen..macam biasa class end early *love miss lua class* bought a waffle before i leave n eat durin my journey b home. While driving back home nearly kena Do Re Mi = langgar buntut orang.
Well, is nearly so dint happen! A black Hyundai from mid lane without signal just makan into my fast lane. $#^$&%*% Auntie u think dis road urs meh??
Thank God i wasn't speeding too fast so i manage to slow my car down in time *Sample of Metro Driving Academy Production*
Night badminton Release Stress..Main Syok Syok ar but macam old liow. During 2nd last game i bend down take shuttle backache*Ouch* Now still pain!!

When i was resting, i saw a kid i think onli standard 2 or 3 win d uncle at the next court =/ The kid kecil fella n short but manage to play the uncle run up down left right. Future national player hu knoes kan.

Tomorrow BIG DAY [M1] EchO goin for WGT!! Kan Chiong Sial!!!

"We Go With Hope, Come Back With Victory"
-Stay Cool-

Venue : 1 Utama, HighStreet, Level G
Time : 10am start

Stuff to bring for WGT:

earphone, game tag, mouse and the most importanf A4 paper!! Y spent RM100+ for just mousepad where A4 onli cost few sen

(My Tags) my photo in WGT so ugly. my face looks so L O N G =/

search for my stinky lousy mouse in the photo!! i should be using dis

but i was lazy to go down Lowyat n buy it. RM99 for 2 leh!! Cheap gila!!

Tat Day my fren, Ryan told me K580i is OUT & sellin price is Rm1800 *faint* T_T i expecting Rm1600 nia XD

Sumore my sis told me i might be goin to aust during next feb to attent her convo(should be dis spelling). Well, start to save money n SHOPPING durin feb.Hehe

After bloggin plan to sleep geh, but suddenly MZ msn me
Mz : Renyar u free anot?
Me : Ya, y?
Mz : Moral assignment tak cukup point tolong add!! tinggal 1 page nia!!
Me : *faint*
should not answer him!!! MISTAKE!!! MZ i hate u!!! T_T
Hopefully d Accurancy is with me for tomorrow. ROLF


Wingz said...

phuiyo your mouz manyak canggih!

Sam said...

forgot to tell u, i got connection to get cheap phones...friend most probably going back in dec for badminton tournament in subang... so, depends what phone u want, i'll bug him to get for u...apa macam?