October 18, 2007

-Connaught Night-

Last night me, nico, KY, Pui San, Joanna and Li Hui went to connaught. Nico our driver for the night with his jumping avanza. When i was waiting for Nico to come, i was hanging my towel at the stairs and my phone was in the pouch.

I dint knoe the pouch was not closed, so when i flip my towel my phone flew out from the pouch n drop downstairs. That moment was like slow motion, my phone was rotating and bang hit the side n landed on the floor. The cover came out so i put everything back together and den Pui San missed call me.

Wow is still working!!! NOKIA Die Hard! ROAR!! If other phone i think masuk ICU liow.

Wanna Get dis Phone Next!! Anyone wanna Sponsor me?

For the 2nd Time Nico was punctual!! Congratz Bro! After picking me up, den Li Hui last Joanna. When we pick Joanna up, "Walah" She was S T U D Y I N G while waiting for us =/ Nico was syok so do i!! XD others i tak tau.

When we reach Connaught first thing we hunt for is "CHAU TAUFU" I finally get to eat it after i went their twice. The first time d Q was too long so duwan. 2nd DBKL olang come kacau tutup d gerai!! D reason DBKL orang come kacau because the taufu is too busuk. =.=

Come la Tauhu Busuk Tak Busuk How to be "Chau Taufu". Man those ppl are still in Stone Age!! Update abit la!!

From beginning of the street eat eat eat eat until d end. Joanna waited so dam long for the "Dragon Beard Candy" and it was not nice. Well, Jo sorry to say tat the OLd Old Uncle dint open gerai.Hehe Itu 'Original' Gerai was not open.

Everytime i go there, i always buy the Chinese Burger. Gosh it is really tasty. And the Fried chicken. YUm Yum. Oh must not forget the Mango Sago LoLo.*I think is this name*

Sorry no pic, hands were too busy =)

Nico bought a drink called AMBRA. Wat a weird name for a drink. That moment dis pic came into our mind.

Yap is our Warcraft 3 Tailo Anti-Mage wearing a bra.

The drink was better than Joanna ordered!! Carrot + HoneyDew i think...macam ada milk taste de. =/

11+ liow time to go home. I Drove the Jumping Avanza. Wanna try d car. So not used to drive long car but manage to reach home safe.Hehe.I tried old/new wira, kembara, avanza and Myvi. Still prefer my old Uncle wira =) but petrol Myvi!!! Best

Ok la..Tats all for Now. Time for my breakfast. Stay Tuned for post in oh-renyar's blog. Long Live Makan Trip!!

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