October 16, 2007


Some of u might be wondering y am still on9 and still in KL. Well, ere is the answer P E N A N G Trip has been canceled.

Der goes my Penang Food!! It was so close to my mouth T_T

Since Penang Trip cancel i moved on to my backup holiday.kekeke

The plan was, take wednesday night train down to spore. Come b on monday morning, den off to col.

Today i dunt feel like staying at home, so i called Pui San and Nico to Pyramid. There were nth much we can do der just makan lunch, play pool, walk the new wing and watch ppl skate.(Pui San kap chai der!!) xD Nico sapu me in pool..haiz..when ONLY i play with him, my white and black always masuk the lubang. Sad case!!

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means Connaught will be having pasar malam!! Nico and Pui San keep asking me to drop my Singapore plan and bring them Connaught! Gosh ini panggil kawan!!! tsk tsk tsk

I havent buy my train ticket yet, so my plan is very flexi. After thinking for hours, i decided to drop Singapore Trip. *U people manage to change my mind ish* So, tomorrow Connaught is on!! Rot at home until my holiday over. Poor Me ='(

Anyway those who wanna travel down to Singapore like me, the train is kinda full so betta be like me stay in KL n ROT!

My holiday plan from Enjoy and Makan turn out to be Do Assignment, Badminton, Pasar Malam and Rot.

Tats all for today time to hibernate starts in 3 sec:





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