November 2, 2007

-Reward Day + Tour De Cheras-

Yesterday it was a reward day for myself so No Studies for a day. Relax Aje =)

So I called Pui San to 1 Utama. We had our lunch der and we watched

30 Days of Night.wooooooo

The Show ok le not too bad. Is something like hmmmm Resident Evil a group of flesh eating machine walking around town attacking people. Just that these creatures in this show are much much smarter than those in Resident Evil.

The Differences are not so much action and girls jumping around with skirts XD

Most of the time people in the movie they do this :

Hide under the rumah yang berkaki! Imagine u do this in Malaysia at those kampung kampung.

U wont be like dem kept silent and snow around u. All u get is "Gosh i got chicken shit in my mouth i can taste it!" or "OMg There is a snake in my pants!!!"

Well go Watch it and Find out more about the show! =)

At night no studies so wat to do? CS?? cant play no good server was on =( So i go b to my old game D.O.T.A
Last time always can get highest only MegaKill T_T but in C.S ngek ngek ngek can letup dunno how many kepala in an hour XD

Well, D.O.T.A no longer my field. If no more improvement, MAYBE i will stop D.O.T.A and uninstall my W3!! RoAR

Dis morning 9am i should be meeting Stanley and Woon(UcFF0703-G1 Fren) in Connaught BHP petrol Station den head for our badminton but 8.59am im still at home. Ya i overslept Thanks to u NICO!!!

I was speeding all the way cause no Jam. When i reach the Rm0.50 sen toll, in front got a Police Patrol Car stopping cars. When i look at look my side mirror got another Patrol Car waving at me. That moment i thought i was in deep taik lembu kao kao.

Mana Tau he was not asking me to stop but ask me to go faster cause he wanna go to his "Prey". After that wat a relief!! 1 thing veli weird lo, dis is not the first time a Police car ask me drive faster.

Another time was in KESAS Highway. The Police Car from behind keep flashing me because i was driving too slow at the fast lane =/ Well is betta than stopping me XD

Within 30 minutes tepat tepat i manage to reach der but they were not there liow!! So i called Stanley, mana tau he tinggalkan me n go first =( but it wasnt their fault. Got 2 fella waiting for dem too. Haizzzzz

That time Melisa picked up the call and lead me through the phone. She say until very blur and i wasnt sure about the road so jalan main tikam la.

Thank God i was half right about the road but in the end went wrong. I went to Taman Desa Aman!! I dunno where the Hell is tat and She also dunno.lucky Woon knoes where izit. Phewww

The reason she lead me wrongly : She dunno Makro change to Tesco Extra liow. (Yo Ppl Please take note of this!!)

Cheras roads really really confusing and alot of cars!! I nearly turn into the wrong road and Head Towards Kelantan.After driving ere and der around cheras i finally reach the badminton court. An HOur late =S

From all the mistakes i done, i still kinda blur about the road in Cheras. Well give me some time =) Soon ReNyaR with his WEV 5772 will conquer Cheras XD

Time for makan n go for P O O L.
-Stay tune for more post-

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