October 21, 2007

19/20 Oct 2007

19th Oct 2007 Ky & Jacob's Bday. So as macam biasa, (Me Nico Nicholas Li Yeong Pui San & Yin Mei) kasi surprise. D 1 hu always lead us

Nico Mong : Leader/Driver

First we go to KY hse, and surprise but we screwed it. The plan was Nico will call Ky out from his room drag him into d car den we rush into his room and prepare the cake. Mana tau we were too noisy when we were waiting outside his house. Den Ky came down and find out y so noisy outside. OK fine he saw me!! Everything KaBoom jor but he pretend dint c me and walk to Nico's car.

Lets C wat happen in the room =)

Oh Ere Comes d Bday Boi

Bday Boi Making His 18th Bday Wish!!*Gals He baru reach 18...Pok Pok Chui ar >.<*

Wanted to push his face into the cake but we failed + Pui San was against it. Reason : She wanna eat the Tiramisu Cake! Tsk Tsk Tsk

Finally time to Cut d Cake & MAKAN!!

Yin Mei with Ky*Bday Boi*

Finish with Ky jor lo. Now we head to Jacob's hse ngek ngek ngek. (Me Nico KY Nicholas Li Yeong Pui San & Yin Mei)

D plan was the same as Pui San where she fell for it =) Nico drove to Jacob's house and fake about his car got prob. Den he asked Jacob to get him a screwdriver, meanwhile we were hiding behind the car and light the candle.

When he walked towards the back of Nico's car *Tang Tang TAng TAng.....*

Cant c wat izit? C below!

Yap is a toolbox!! Hehe

Mission Accomplish! Den we Head down to Jalan Gasing for Thai Food. Kunthai the restaurant name. Actually Henri suppost to be with us but for some reason he couldnt make it. Meowwwww xD .The Food not bad le and we ordered UMBRA again. Hehe*Nico Just LOVE It!*

When we arrive at the restaurant, there 3-5 kids holding a donation box asking for donation. They called Jacob and Nicholas UNCLE and Pui San AUNTIE *Suit u all wor =)* Lucky they dint call KY as AUNTIE from behind.Hehe

So me and Nico donated RM1 =) When we were about to leave, the kids came and called Nico AH PEKKKKKKKK. tsk tsk tsk kesian u ppl.

This is video clip taken after dinner.

(Nico Sang Seng abit la, Hou Mang geh ur child same age as dem d lo) XD

After dinner we drop Yin Mei first cause she told her dad that she will be home by 8.30pm but we reach her hse around 9+. Well dis time is not Nico's fault =)

OMg no group photo how can?? So we decided to snap few shots outside Yin Mei's hse.

From d left (JAcob, Ky, Li Yeong, Nicholas, Nico, Me)

Eh how come d 2 gals not in der =/

Pui San & Yin Mei

*Try to spot the TOTO number.Hu ever kena 50/50 with me Dunt diam diam ar!!*

Photo Session over. Den apa lagi?? Go C.C Muahahaha kesian Pui San follow 5 guys to C.C. Drive pass Blitzone OMG FULL HOUSE!! Haiz drop d plan and fetch Jacob home. Den drove to Shell to decide where to go.

Me & Nico wanna play pool, Nicholas & Li Yeong wan to go to C.C. Ky & Pui San no comment. So we head down to Subang ada CC ada pool ngam for everyone.

We go to FTZ Fulamak..FULL HOUSE!! 200 over comps all occupied!! Gosh wassup with people these days =/

So drop C.C n go for pool in Rackz Cafe. FULL HOUSE also nvrm i wrote my name in the waiting list. We waited for like 15 mins and the waiting list aint moving so forget it change location.

CLUB 7!! Got Pool Table!! Finally after goin so many places, we found a place to settle down. Taken some shots while waiting for my turn.

Wah c d Pro so "Yeng Zhan"

Nico : "hmmmm next which bola to cucuk???"

Kesian d only gal in the group waiting to go home.

Tats all about it. More photo will be posted up once Pui San send to me. I Wonder when she will send to me.hmmmm =P

Today Nico called me out for pool again. Gosh gonna have "Pool Poison" soon. Li Yeong & KY went too. We went back to Club 7 because they like the place because no mushroom production.

Today play more mahal than yesterday lo =( wallet ouch. So after pool, we went Meng Tien for Supper. Gosh it has been a long time i dint eat Balitong aka "ChutChut". Yummmmy!!!

When I was walking back to the car, I found RM1 on the floor. I Wonder izit because i donated the RM1 to the charity or is just my luck..hmmmmm

Apa luck pun tiada guna!! Monday got Class, holiday Over liow T_T

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