October 7, 2007

-Movie Night-

Woke up early dis morning *11.46am* went down searh for my branch. End up found nth =( So i went b to my room wanted to cs NO HOST T_T den Clement Hiew send me his AVP clan server but need dl dam alot stuff. No Food No CS so i end up blogging ere with my pringles. Hehe

Last night went 1U watch dis movie.

Yap.Resident Evil : Extinction

The Movie is so so so ermmm wats d word hmmmm "Powderful"*i think UCFF0703-G2 onli knoe wat is POWDERFUL xD*. Guys n Gals dunt miss dis movie out!

For the first time Nico reach GSC EARLIER than me man! Bravo NICO!!! When he msg me i was still on my way but it wasnt my fault well maybe little bit. Play Cs until terlupa masa & der was a ROAD BLOCK in front of KBU traffic light. I dint notice until i saw a blue light keep flashing hanging on a board. At tat very moment i check wat car was i driving

  • low seat
  • got "P" sticker
  • no patung

Ok safe. Is my Wira not my mom's Myvi. Wanted to drive her car but my uncle was doin something to d engine. If i drive d Myvi habis saya because no 'P' sticker sumore d road block is to check road tax. Tengok muka Tengok kereta der is a possibility budak pandu ke tepi keluar lesen. Den u all should knoe wat will normally happen la i duwan to say it ere >.<

Reach GSC Q with Nico to get the ticket, he asked me, "Eh, Rayner if front role u take anot?? Me n Ky dunt mind" So, i was thinking come all d way ere, go b with nth macam rugi dunt care la..front mai front lo. End up we bought 1.10am ticket with seperated seats but good seats.

Ticket kao tim liow we walked to FCUK wait for KY. SURPLISE *HON HON* traffic jam. Alot of ppl trying to get in and out from 1u. Omg wat was attracting people into 1U at 11pm? hmmmm

Nico: ah i knoe..Resident Evil!! i so Pity dem tickets almost sold out yet so many people still goin in tsk tsk tsk.

Ky was having a hard time to find us because he dunno where is Subway. Tak ape Giant??? ALso dunno. Nico was screaming n yelling at the hp =S.Well Ky balas balik "it is in my family blood. Sense of direction lousy =/" So speechless.....

After Ky found us, we went to C.C kat KDU. Every where was full house lucky 1 C.C got comp available but very lousy. Haiz no choice la, ambil aje la. We Dota until 1.05am rush b to 1u *driver : Nico* for our 1.10am movie. We were not late thanks to those ad. Phew.

A Malay woman was seating beside me, GOSh she was screaming & jumping through out the whole show. She keep using her scarf covering her face aih. I wonder how was nico n ky seat???

I always having problem locate my car in a large carpark =/ i nearly forgotten where i park my. In d end i manage to find it, keep dis in mind "d world is round" ><

When i was driving out from d carpark, nearly kena bang. Reason : Forgot to on the Light. Kids Dunt try dis!! Very BAHAYA!!!

Thats all for today =) i keep my blog update well muahahha!!

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Sam said...

y0u're wearing the cap i bought for you...!!! you should be bringing ur P where ever you go la and next time pls..check for spelling error...spelling fail!