October 8, 2007

[Mc] EchO

Remember my 1st post say gonna intro d 2 leng jai..YA their photo is in ere =) Let's have a tour in our [Mc] EchO. Currently we form another group. So we have [M1] EchO & [M2] EchO. BeLow is [M1] EchO Team.

Dis is our Team Leader*leng jai 1* : [M1] EchO l MeowMeow aka CheokBa. Dunt let his face newbie con u ar!! Looks like soh lou his cover bagus to d max. In WCG he manage to knive someone leh!! Dunt play play!!!

Ini Clan Master : [M1] EchO l Mz*leng jai 2*. He is a kecil fella but he can woop u in CS upside down left to right.

[M1] EchO l Monkey a.k.a Johor Beng. Dunno how dis name came out >.<>

[M1] EchO l Commando. Silent Killer. Better WAtch out ppl!!! If u Play Cs with him, Tiba-tiba mati u should find dis fella!!

Omg Leslie pic so small =/ *Sorry boss i onli got ur dis photo*. Dis is our new group Taiko [M2] EchO l ********. Team Motivation Machine.RAWR

[M2] EchO l Eze****. Dia ni main CS dengan penuh style, sleep also got style.Hehe. OH ya he always hops around in Clans. SomeTimes play for us, Sometimes play for AVP & BMF! tsk tsk tsk tsk. Number 1 joker in UCFF0703-G2. Overall Bagus.

WCG 2007 [M1] EchO Team went for it but we used [Mc] EchO. Unfortunetly during the first round we lost to Counter Seed 13-16 . It is so so so Close T_T. It was so heartbreaking. Well, we will not give up, it is just the starting point of our journey. End of this month we [M1] EchO will be goin for WGT held in 1U. Come and support us & watch us kill those ppl in der..Muahahahha

These r the photos taken by our [Mc] EchO camera man n WCGT camera man:

Wah Goodie Bag So big!!! Must be alot of stuff inside! Lets take a look inside.

Yay. Dis is all we get inside!

Haihz so sienzz...All wait until no mood. Zhen yu dunt care..Tidur aje la.

Thats me in the photo Using Galil Gun ><>" Knife"Bahaya!!!!

-From the left-
Me : Aih, sudah mati again =S
Mz : Kill Kill Kill!!!
Mao : *Clap Hand* i knive someone!!! Muahahaha
Zhen yu : Leng Jai...U Call me ar??
GuanHua : Where d Hell is tat fella hiding?? grrrrr

Thats all about [Mc] EchO.
-The End-

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