October 12, 2007


Finally holiday is ere, waited for so long is finally ere. So happy but sad at the same time because is only for a week =( Aih...Better than nothing kan, so ok la. For dis sem holiday, [Mc] EchO will be goin to PENANG to conquer C.C Muahahaha. Jk la we not so 'pin tai' is a Makan Holiday = making ourself fat. So my advice is before we leave go for extreme exercise. So i have made some preparations example :
  • Asking people to confirm.
  • Get a place to stay(Mz)
  • Where to makan

  • Most important 'Holy Book' Dis -Holy Book-onli show inside Georgetown. Out of that area, depends on Mz our onli Penang olang. (Thanks to Wai Kit give me the map)Dis book helped Wai Kit to survive when he was in Penang. Hopefully it will help me too.

Since tomorrow is holiday, Stanley and Woon ajak me for badminton. Where to play? CHERAS!! Go all the way to Cheras just for badminton & Wai Kit worst from Selayang. Dam we are crazy. Hehe. Stanley booked 3pm-6pm and 10pm-12midnight. I asked Stanley wat am i gonna do in d 4 hours gap? u can go Woon's hse ar, pasar malam, beside the court got football stadium, gym, swimming pool, pool, cyber cafe, KFC and even a hospital!! Den he suggest after 1st badminton game go for 1hour gym den 1 hour swimming 1hour pool den makan. Der u go 4 hours gap habis just like tat =.= if i really do tat ar, midnight i masuk hospital liow. With such intensive exercise before my trip come back should be alright kua. How am i gonna reduce my weight??? Im still not overweight =) but come b from Penang Habis T_T

Hopefully dis trip will success. Thats all for today. Now Go hunt for CS server.

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