October 5, 2007

My Veli 1st Post

Well tengok so many olang ada blog, i got nth to do...too free so cre8 1 for myself test power =D

Last night after badminton, me, julian, alvin, kai shan and yee tin went to williams makan in Mayang*hong yee balik rumah liow because of something dunno apa* .Well, i only ordered a drink cause i was too dam tired & my right leg chau kan*kejang* so dunt feel like eating. 12.30 i reach home, sit infront of the comp for awhile n den shower. When i came out from my shower, i CANT SLEEP so i msg MZ to host Counter Strike server. In the afternoon i had 158 kills 54 death. B4 i leave the server, der was dis A**h**e saw my kill so high, my death so little and i keep killin him den he called me a HACKER. I was Angry and Happy at the same time because dis proves that i sudah ada improvement thanks to MZ & Eng Eu Mao for the "intensive trainning". *Intro dis 2 leng chai to u all in the future*. Mz was dling*something*so cant host. End up do my Q.M(Quantitative Methods) assignment until 3am+ and the due date is 5th Oct 2007*hari ini la*.

Dis morning, i manage to wake up at 7.20am for my 8.30am ITA (IT Applications). i screwed up my presentation dis morning. kena hentam by my lecterur kao kao. I dunno how to answer her question*brain half asleep* T_T . Den afternoon moral test, boleh answer la..semua sampah

Test Kau tim liow fly back home. Fly halfway JAM. Jam until i sien liow & is like i pay RM3.20 daily to get jam in LDP. From APIIT back home takes about 1 half hours but morning i travel from my house to APIIT onli 1 hour with JAM.

Thata all for today la. Mau makan den tidur den watch HYBrid Live Cs match from USA. ho-ho

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