January 27, 2008

-Crazy Day in D shop-

Is a beautiful Saturday!!! Wake up look at the clock is 12 noon..Crap need get up to work =(

Bing Bang Boom..Der goes my Saturday..Bye bye Gone T_T

I Dont really wanna work this week cause my Introduction to Business Individual Assignment due on Monday and im not finish yet but wat to do..promise my cousin jor.

While driving on LDP...i head police siren from behind..i thought PM or the king is coming through mana tau is car goin to "zhip san liong" =.= tat fella must be 1 big mole fella!!

1+ i reach at the shop...Wow no one geh..Yawnnnn..greet my uncle auntie...stand awhile at the counter tiba-tiba WOW...HELP ME!!!! NGO KAU NG TIM AR!!! Too many people came at the same time!! crying for help at the counter....kelam kabut =S

Den back to silent....An hour later..the crowd is back @_@

TTDI business crowd is really weird...they all come in groups

After the crowd gone so as my uncle and my eldest cousin(shop owner)...so me and my younger cousin was boring...we took 1 coke and mentos do a experiment with it.

10 minutes later......

Experiment FAILED..NTh happena also!! kena con by the net liow!!

Left half bottle...not because it exploded or what..is because we drank half of it...Dont waste ma XD

After half day of work..so tired..finally COUNTER CLOSE!!!

Love that!!!

Faster clean up the place..do closing..eat dinner and ready to go home.When closing my eldest cousin will come back and check the sales for the day and pay me...HEhehe

While me, my cousin and her bf were eating dinner behind....her bf ask me

BF : Eh, u want go shopping bo??

Me : Harh shopping?? u ok anot?? now?? 9+ d leh..by the time reach der shops close d lo!!!
BF : Hahahahha
Cous : Hahaha.... later u follow him, he bring u go shopping!!!
Me : Oh ok =/

After dinner i follow him.....

Walk around in the shop...den he tell me..take wateva u like in ere!!! He sendiri go walk around take take take take i was O.O zha dou like tat also can ar!!!

My cousin say..take aje la...everything on the house!! well, he and she paid part for the shop also..consider lou pan..lou pan ask me take i mai take lo and the counter is closed...hehehe but i aint greedy take these aje.......

Not much kan!!! =)

My cousin took back 2 packet of chips back home, before she can reach her room those 2 packets of chips kena confiscate by my baby niece..Kesian

That's all for today...Which should i eat first?? hmmmmmmm

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