January 17, 2008

-Kuala Selangor-

The latest makan trip for us is


y Kuala Selangor?? hmmm....i dunno. This trip is organize by Nico and if im not mistaken this is his kampung! We went with 2 cars his dad's Innova and Nicholas aka Saru Vios. Total of 11 people.

After an hour + of drive we finally reach our destination safely.
When we arrived, the sun was still high in the sky. After taking the order liow, walk around and snop photo.
*I dunno who snap this* but for sure reminds Nico's childhood!! playin with sticks and plastic bottles/"fishing".
Emo Nico

The truth : In his mind, he is thinking should i throw those 2 kids into the water??? hmmmm

Time to eat!! weeeee lets we what we have there :
Dunno apa kerang but taste good with the sauce.*Nice*

Curry with baby shark??? *not too bad*

Fried Baby Sotong *okok nia*

I forgotten this is black pepper or "mah mic". *not veli nice*

Lai Yau Hai. *okok nia* but sapu faster than the other dish. =/

Stim Lai Liu Har aka Udang kencing. *for me okok*

Got 2 more dish..Vege and a soup. Not so attractive so dint take. =)

That's all we had for our dinner. After makan, waiting for others i walk around snap photo ere and der :
Funny looking thing. A plant growing in a coconut tree.

The sky looks beautiful!! u can ignore us in the photo but is better with us in der!! right guys?? XD

From left to right : Mr.XX, Mr.XX, Mr.XX and Saru
*tak tau their name*
Li Hui so shocked in the photo. Eating half way tiba-tiba 2 gals just stick close and the cameraman*me* snap. SMILE =)

After Meal Disaster
As ussual after every meal there is 1 photo of "After Meal Disaster".

After the sunset view in Kuala Selangor.
Actually not bad wert, our Malaysia scenic view =)

Wonder wat they looking at???
Li Yeong : Ohh Honey Yeu Yeu u c the sky so beautiful ar!!!
KY : Yessss darling Yeong Yeong is wonderful!!!
Happy Couple!!!

Look at this picture!! So cantik!!!*Pegang camera aku*
*Errr u all should knoe wat am i referring to right??? Pls dunt tengok salah!*

*Group Photo*

Dinner settle jor, takan just go home meh!! Next destination we go tengok Kelip-Kelip!! Kelip-kelip is Yeh For Chung or Fireflies.

It ain free!! They dont count by people but by boats. Each boat RM40 and each boat can fit max 4 people only. If u got odd number like us the 3 fella de so sorry la.

These are the stuff u SHOULD NOT DO :

During the boat ride, see those fireflies flash until my Eyes goes kelip-kelip @_@. End up watching stars XD
Kewei's first question to the boatman :Is there any crocodile in this river?? =/
Answer is NO

After the boat ride all with stone faces

Group photo 2

Li Hui the cat lover. If there is a cat, how can miss her out??? *Henri lucky u dint come!! We found ur best friend ere!!! hehehe

OMg hu is this?? Anyone knoe him ma???? Im feeling so tired but not sleepy right now!!! How?? How???

Besides that, im suffering pain from my hand, leg and back. Thanks to badminton =( Aih...old liow la..play too extreme KO.

Guess I will be doing assignment to get myself to sleep.

Hehe.Adios Amigo.

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