January 13, 2008

-Snake Luck For 2008-

Noon I should be in 1u meeting Pui San and Nico together with Li Hui & Yin Mei. Macam biasa, before i leave home, there is always something stopping me being PUNCTUAL!!

Not i duwan is i cant!! T_T *tryin my best to improve tat*

When i wanted to start my car engine, i just realise the key is there and i couldn't find it. Not i lost it is my mom. She drove my car in the morning and forggoten where she placed it. So I have to over-turn the car & search.

Key not found but i found something that attracts my attention. Not porno magazines!! Dunt think dirty people!! my car is clean bukan macam MR.XXXX's car. =)

"Your Luck For 2008, Year of the Ratatouille"

Is a some kind of boucher. How it get into my car?? I dunno but hu cares. Inside got all 12 animals prediction??? So i search for SNAKE and dis is wat i get

Eartly Branch : Fire

With some lucky stars, the Snake will have plenty of opportunities to flourish in terms of wealth and career this year. However, troublemakers are close by to generate financial pitfalls putting you at risk of losses and robbery. Injuries and sudden sickness may also befall you and greediness will leave you impoverish. To secure your good fortune, place a Lulutong at the West of living room or office.

Well, those born year of Snake if u believe this, here are your solutions :

Optional Lucky Charm :

Career - Place an Official Seal on the left of the work desk.
Enhance Luck - Place a set of Snake Allies at the North East of living room.
Harmony - Place a Guangong at the South East.
Health - Carry a Heiyaoshi Hulu.
Robbery Threat - Place a Rhinoceros in living room facing outside.
Wealth - Place an Abundance Wealth Pot at the East of living room.

Well, for me some really true. =S but i do not want all to be true!!

ROBBERY!! NooooOOoOOOOOoooooooooOoOoOO
About Kuala Selangor post...Need some time. Waiting Kewei send me the photo.
Today de leh...Soon soon..Photo kat Pui San*Food Post =)*
Give me some time to post it...class start back liow =( assignment T_T test *DEAD*
1 last Thing...Who interested in the island trip please post ur number at the chatbox. TQ

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