January 19, 2008

-Nvr Trust Trailer but Trust Your Tongue-

Friday 4.30pm Me, Sanny, Li Yeong, KY and Nico went for Cloverfield. They bought the movie tickets on Thursday night and dint manage to get student price cause not enough student ID. So have to pay Rm11 for it =(

Lets have watch the trailer.......

Interesting and Curious what happen right???
I put this movie as my first priority for this month and guess what??

After the movie i feel like throwing my slipper to the screen! Is SO DAM BORING!!!!
*Rating i give it a 1.5/5*

Me and Li Yeong fell asleep during the movie, Nico sedang @_@*pening* in der and Sanny errr wonder wat was she doing?? hmmmm nobody ask her geh XD

The only person enjoy it was KY!!! =.= *U really a weirdo!!!*

The ending of the movie was so Thats it??? WTH!!!!

My advise DUNT GO FOR IT!!!

After the movie, we went to Big Apple buy some donuts. The Q was short. Thank God.

February 2007, i came back from Australia i told myself i will NOT touch donuts anymore!!!!!
Well, i really kept my words!! i dint touch donuts for months until few weeks back.

Everyday my sister bring back donuts from the stall that she worked in Perth. Every single morning i woke up search for breakfast in the kitchen i c the box of donuts until i jelak...Ewwwwwww

If everyday bring back Apple struddle i dunt mind la...kekekek.. OWww i miss it so so much =(

Now im craving for more xD......
Look at those donuts....... Yummmmyy
Everyday donut has the same weight!! Believe ma???
A box of 12 cost RM17.00
At first i wanted to buy the durian flavour cause looks funny with torns and durian in donuts..Sounds and looks interesting.

When i was at the Q i still can c few of it...Minutes later..Is still der!! Next is ME liow!!

Look around Finally is my turn....c c c look look look OMG where is my durian donut??? O.O
The lady in front of me sapu all WTH...y dint leave 1 for me T_T

So i asked the worker...Berapa lama lagi untuk durian?? he reply me LAMa lagi!!!
Ok lo..choose other flavour...Once I sat down beside the counter, durian donut is ready =.=

Celaka...That fella con me!!!

Haiz...other day go back and buy more XD
Once i try all the flavour..Im going for J&Co.

-The End-

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