February 1, 2008

-Boring Day-

1st of February is Federal Day, KL and Putrajaya ada holiday but not for Selangor. My college is in KL so my holiday will start today until 10th February. I should be happy for having holiday but think of the stupid assignment i need to do during holiday "potong stim" liow =(

Today woke up at 12 open my eyes n i thought is still like 7am but once i open my room curtain.."Poom" Wah...the sun ><>

Blur Blur sit in front of my comp tengok the router. Haiz...need go out buy the LAN cable. I dont feel like going out cause every where is jam =/

After i bought the cable from BLM computer shop, cars all stop at the inner road around Atria. Come on inner road also can macam ni!! Thanks to those tuut tuut tuut double triple park make the road narrow.

When i was stopping at the queue, i was wondering what was going on so i looked outside my car window and saw a woman driver refuse to squeeze her car through the narrow road and expect the opposite coming driver to give way to her.

This is 1 nasty woman. I saw the spaces she had was enough to squeeze her Honda City through but she prefer to stop the traffic, open her window and instructing people give more space to her =/

I reach home, set up the router with Mz's help settle within minutes. So I go over to Ky's wait for Nico to come and go Tesco to buy stuff for our Li Yeong's BBQ party. That was the plan but we end up at Blizz*C.C*

Li Yeong cant pass us the money and we all no money. Although today is pay day but Msia dosent goes well with that system. Payment always come late!!! Not to say im broke, i got penghutang all over the place XD i macam fong sou lou..HeheHe

Yesterday Mz gave me photoshop. Im learning it now. So beware of ur photo =)

-Thats all for today-
der is something below
Look familiar??? Tau apa ini?? Tau siapa owner??

I found this thing behind my car 2 days ago. Im wondering which tailo/taikache i fetched left thing treasure behind. Please contact Renyar Limo Customer Service Department. TQ

Crap my mom start Warlords without me =(
MOM WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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