November 8, 2007

-Crazy Night-

Last night, Tat Hong called me out Yum Cha with him. So ok lo..i went out with him and we pick Eng Eu also. At first 3 of us dint know where to go, so i suggested dis out :

A) Club 7 main pool.
B) Since is Wednesday Connaught Pasar Malam.

Eng Eu dint wan to go somewhere near cause he wanna stay awake until 3am to watch MANU match. so out from football world since i left school. Hehe.
Connaught was too far for Tat Hong so, we head down to Club 7.

We played for like an hour, they complain boring because i keep winning dem. Must Thank Nico for the trainning and give me the addiction!!!

After closing the table, go opposite a mamak have a drink think of a place to go. Talk talk Think Think Eng Eu say go Jalan Alor have supper and lepak around in KL.

Me no problem la not i driving >.<

From Subang we head down to Jalan Alor for supper. We ordered 1 stingray, 1 plate of omelet oyster and a deep fried sotong.

Rating: Omelet oyster - 2.5/5
Deep Fried Sotong - 3/5
Stingray - 4/5

The best is the stingray!!! It was cooked until crispy outside, juicy inside, and yummy in the mouth.!! Gosh it is so dam worth go until der and eat once in awhile la!
I remember at the end of Jalan Alor got 1 stall sell chicken wing and balitong.

Rating : Chicken Wing - 4.5/5
Balitong - 4.5/5

I remember my cousin brought me there before 2 years back. The Chicken wing is not grilled until like hamyu. The timing is just perfect. When u bite ohhhhhhhhhhh Juicy Juicy and must not forget about the balitong. Wonderful!!!

The parking abit sot sot dei de!! RM5 per-entry. Chisin man!!

After makan, our night tour, Tat Hong drives us around to Jalan P.Ramlee. Pass by all those happening clubbing area. Ruums, Rum Jungle, Maison, Aloha, Zouk, Espanda etc

The traffic at those places was OMG cars keep going into that area non-stop. Gosh those club owners for sure laughing every night, money keep cumin in non-stop!!

Eng Eu c until his eyes wont blink! When we were passing a corner ar, he saw a girl where her back was facing him. She was wearing until very Expo thats how Eng Eu got attracted and he ask us to look.
Once that girl turn her face, HOLY OMG MOTHER OF NATURE @#%#^$ LONG FACE aka AH KUA!!!!!
Thank God my reaction was slow that time didnt saw man!!! Eng Eu say until very very Horrible Vegetable Nightmare for the night!!!

We were having some problem getting our road right, cause all of us dont really knoe KL roads well. We turn into many many many wrong roads but we get to learn new roads =)

Supper kao Tim, Tour over, and teman Eng Eu until MAnu kick off time so we head back PJ. On the way back, Heavy Rain...Bahaya Gila drive in such condition!!

Driving in slow speed, i safely reach home at 2.15am BUT Tat Hong dont want to drive back home because of the heavy rain, so i teman dem wait outside my house in the car until 2.40am.

I felt asleep on the sofa when i reach home, den 3.30am wake up fetch my mom and uncle to LCCT! woooh..Whole Night dint sleep.
Cannot speed kat highway cause raining, floor very wet. 6am only i reach back home exhausted!!

-Time to sleep-

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