November 5, 2007

-Moody In The Wrong Day-

4th November 2007 should not be a normal day for me. 18 Years ago, 1989 a cute baby boy was born in hospital or clinic *****(dunno mana) at **.**pm(Dunno wat time also) XD
Tats me..Ya is my Birthday.

Tankiu people for all ur greetings. Hopefully everything goes well =)

Actually wanted to host a party BUT this year 4th November falls on a Sunday. So think think think 5th November Presentation & QM Test. 6th November EEP Test.

Aih Forget bout it la. Think about those test, apa mood pun tiada liow. Normally people will like happy celebrate but me drilling QM.
Last year same thing and worst SPM =/ drill notes and text books. Sad Sial!

In the morning, air-con lou came and tengok my air-con condition. Well after so many years liow
finally d air-con Die liow R.I.P ='(
But new air-con is cummin in =) A new set of air-con cost about RM1000+ My mom was shocked when she knoes about it. So my uncle says "aih normal la. Anyway U got no choice!!!" U knoe he is right!! my mom memang got no choise have to buy it.KEKeke

Den she also agree. Confirm everything booked the air-con to deliver on Monday. Tiba-tiba she say "Son, dunt say i dint get u a birthday present!! dis air-con is ur bday present"

Thank god she was just joking. ^.^" she dint knoe wat to buy so just gave me an angpau same with my uncle & brought me to Victoria Station located near Bangsar.
Inside the restaurant design until like inside a train. The place i sat was

Not table 1 is Platform 1. Imagine eating halfway Mou Mou Potter aka Harry Potter runs out from 9 3/4 platform XD

When a waiter came to our platform and take order dis is wat happen:

Waiter : Welcome, May i take ur order?
Me : I would like a Charbroil VS Rib.
Mom : I want a BBq Spring Chicken.
Uncle : I will have a Black Pepper Steak.
Waiter : How would u like it to be done?
Uncle : Medium-Raw

*Tat very moment he himself and I was like eh macam something wrong with der. #@$%^**
Uncle : Sorry, Medium Rare!!!
Well, sometimes me also ada error macam tu*paiseh paiseh* XD

Not long later my drink and food arrive. Wonderful man Fast!! i was starving that time!!

Looks veli fancy kan?? Nah just normal HoneyDew Juice.

Portion looks small and aint feeling!! Well, WRONG is Dam Feeling & Yummy!! Really enjoy that rib *DRooooool*

After lunch, we head down to LowYat beli my tikus yang berkaki 7!!!

A4TECH XL-750F (Side View)

X7-Laser Engine
600-2500 dpi
6 DPI Shift

View from top

Echo i finally got my X-7 mouse!!! Mao cepat change mouse le!! Hardly see u own people liow!!

Take a look & compare. Is like comparing a Roti Kosong with a Roti Hawaiian Soft Shell Crab. Well, Im satiesfied with it.HEhe

Just now after i dropped my friend back home at sunway den i head home. When i was stopping at the traffic light, i smell something strange, funny, smelly and trouble.

So i sniffing around check temp meter..SHIT@#^!@&@#& the needle almost touching the red zone liow.So i drove back to my fren house refill water into the tank and radiator.

Thank god i found out earlier Amitabha.
If not ar habis. Den reach back home i can bet with u this will wat happen!!

My mom will say" C la know how to drive but dunno take care of the car!! No water also dunno!! Always never check!!! BLa BLa Bla Bla"

The worst thing is stopping middle of LDP and causing the Jam!! Malu sial!! Try to avoid this case happen people!!!

Remember i said the air-con lou will be cumin on Monday?? Well, today i came back from col, run to my room check. WTH that old junk still up der!! mana the new air-con??

Until now 6pm jor that fella still havent show up yet!! FFK customer!! Haiz..guess tonight i will be sleeping without air-con but with mosquito =(

I so so so miss sleeping in an air-con room. Balut myself with the blanket like a dumpling and without mosquito!!

"Thats All for Today. Time for study!! Not Cs!! Kekeke"

-8.30pm Counter Strike Party in [Mc] EchO server-

-Stay Cool-

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