January 1, 2009

-Lost Meal in a Mall-

Yu Chen and I has a headache thinking where to have our dinner after our movie with (^(o0^)
We walked and walked and walked until we reached Charms. The place that she always wanted to try. So we head into the shop and get a table for our self.

-Charms @ 1 Utama-

We ordered their signature dish.

-Grill Lamb with Butter Rice-

It is served half cooked from the kitchen and grill awhile over a mini charcoal stove on the spot. Once u put the meat on the stove the aroma and the sizzling sound attracts people around, just stare at you with some kind of look .Many of u might saw people eating when u walked past the shop where their customer eat outside the shop which located beside the walkway. Well, next time don't look anymore go to the shop and order it. Try it!

-Nasi Kunyit with Green Curry-

Nothing special with this compare with those Thai restaurant that serves green curry. This dish phail!!

After dinner, we went back home celebrate her birthday along with her family and her mom bought her a birthday cake.

-Coffee Cheese Cake-

Hopefully i can celebrate her next birthday with her.

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