December 30, 2008

-Something is Haunting me Back Here-

Time to CLEAN spider webs in my blog. *Scrub scrub scrub-Madam Kwan's @ Midvalley-
*picture taken from someone blog ><
-Curry Laksa-

What so special of this curry laksa?? Honestly, i dunno cause i dint try. From what i see, the curry texture is enough to satisfy anyone that orders it. Anyone tried it before, please feel free to drop a feedback. Thank You
-Nasi Lemak-

This is just an ordinary nasi lemak but there is something extra in this dish which is the curry chicken. The curry chicken is creamy and rich with its flavour.
-Nasi Bojari-

Combination of flavoured rice, big piece of fried chicken, beef rendang and sambal prawn. The fried chicken is perfect, crispy outside and juicy inside. Besides that, the beef rendang and sambal prawn is so ermmm how to say mmmm yummy =D get what i mean? but this dish cost RM20++

Thats all for today. Time to sleep. Nitez

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