October 2, 2008

-Food I've been Craving for........-

This time, which part of the world i will bring u guys??? Is JAPANess food =)

I was craving for Japanese meal for a very long time. Just no time to go and no one accompany me =( until ......................

Pui San : Ei, tmr lunch how de?? wat time??
Me : I dunno, u set the time!!!
Pui San : Ok. 12.15 we meet at curve!
Me : Why so weird de??
Pui San : 12 noon like too early, 12.30 like too late. So 12.15 is just perfect!
Me : Ok lo. Anything la!!!
Pui San : Be PUNCTUAL please!! I duwan go home so late. I want to STUDY!!!! >.<
Me : OKok. chiong hei!!!

The very next day, 12.30 i arrived at curve, LATE for 15 minutes. Not because of my time management is i dint expect so hard to find parking during weekdays!! XD

The moment of truth, nobody arrive yet except me and Yin Mei. So she called Auntie Sanny and Nico to check where they are. Guess what?? "On the Way"!!!

Chances of Malaysian saying "On the Way" = Just left home.
"1 more turning reach liow" = Just step out from home

Yin Mei cannot stand the hunger as she was staring at those sushi on the table and drool. We walked in and wait for them. Few minutes to 1pm finally the King Nicotin and Queen Auntie Sanny has arrived. The fact is they are LATE!!!!

-Sakae Sushi, Curve-

-Beef Udon-
-Unatama Don-

It has a fried egg with some onion serve together with rice and the unagi. Unagi Rox!!! Roar
-Chicken Katsu Don-

-Ajitsuke Idako-
-Sushi Dunno-

A small slice of cheese + a drip of mayo.
-Inari Salmon-
-Sakae Combo-

Combination of sushi (Unagi, tako, amaebi, salmon, kanikama, tamago), maki (unagi wasabiko, futo, inari, kani, kappa, tamago.) and gunkan (ebiko and chuka kuraage)

Only 4 person clean the mountain of food on the table. Ngek ngek ngek! ^^V Besides that, it also clean my walley T_T. Wth!!! once in awhile ok la...Jap food forever rox my tummy!! yum yum!!
Next update is on the way!!

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