October 7, 2008

-No Feel Post-

I dunno why i just dont have the feel to post this but im forcing myself to do it.
Last 3 days of Raya Holiday, stuck up in Frasier Hill with my family. Besides that, we have limited food supply. Only brought up cooked rice, vegetarian curry, braised duck with ginger, herbal eggs and food for steamboat.

Honestly speaking is dam syok!! XD

Low temperature environment, fresh air and away from crowds. Frasier Hill is a place where it is not so commercialised like Genting or Cameron. It is the best place to relax and spend time with family!!

On the day we return to Kuala Lumpur, we stopped by at Ulu Yam for lunch and hunt for their famous dish in

This is the place
U know what izit written? Sorry to say i dunno, cause i dunno read Chinese =(
This restaurant is located at Ulu Yam Lama not Ulu Yam Baru. Lama and Baru is 2 different place. So betta not get mixed up!

View from the opposite
Lunch Time :

I dunno what izit called but this dish has pork meat + pig ears..Yummy!

Chicken Legs with Mushroom

Their special side dishes.
Delicious (Saito) Fish Cake. The fish cake is deep fried. It was served hot and crispy. BEST

Fried Mihun with Kou lou Yuk. This dish is really bad! The pork meat is from a can and full of fats. No meat to eat at all. YUckkk.

The signature dish for this restaurant is :
Loh Mee. Unfortunately this dish is tasteless!! haihz.. FAIL =(

Besides cook food, they also sell homemade noodle :
Homemade noodle. Dunno how izit. Mom dint buy =(

After the meal, when we were about to leave the restaurant, there was an old man came in with a yellow tray contain these balls :

Inside is read bean paste.

Again im forcing myself to make this review!! Arrrr so NOT SATISFIED with this place! So many years after my last visit and get this type of quality!!! RATING i will only give 2/5!!

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