October 2, 2008

2-3 months ago, my mom told me she had a very nice Chili Pan Mee in KL city and "one day" will bring me there. The day has arrive!!! Muahaahahaha

Note :"Spore Couz, if u are reading this, Im telling you!!! You are really missing this good food!!!" =P

located off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. Exact location : Jalan I Tak Tau.
-Message written on the restaurant wall-

Cant read?? let me tell u...aherm*clear throat* opps forgotten not vocal. paiseh paiseh.

"We have only one genuine branch in Taman Pandan Indah, Cheras. That proudly bear the same restoran name KINKIN in big bold CAPITAL LETTERS that are easy to identified. Thank's to all faithful customers specially from P.J for all your enquiries.

We clarified that :
Sorry, we do not have any branch new or old in the whole of Petaling Jaya at the moment. Offers selling the same pan mee who mentioned or claimed to be our this and that all sort of relation are trying to mislead you. These copycat's has nothing to do with us, and absolutely not related to us. Thank you. Your enquiries are greatly appreciated."

All these written on their walls. Besides this, there were more of these but couldnt get a chance to capture it.

-Bowl of Pork Balls-

-Chili Pan Mee-

The main ingredient in this bowl is their chili. The chili is FOC, can put how many spoons of chili as u like!! Of course dont be a smarty pants thinks that "oh chili only ma, how spicy i also can take".

If do so, all i have to say is good luck to you!!. Remember "1 mouth eat, 2 mouth suffer the spicy-ness!" Dont understand?? Think harder!

Besides the chili, the noodle is made on the spot by a machine. The noodle texture is almost perfect. The extra ingredient they used is "Zhu Yau Zha" and the taste just blends together with it. Oh..think back Yummmy. Each bowl cost about RM5. Standard size no big no small.

For this place I would rate 4/5 points!! Unfortunately, the portion for each bowl is very small. So i suggest order extra during the first order. If not have to wait for a very long time!

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Little Jae said...

yah! I'm missing all the good food over there!!! Make sure you bring me to this place when I come hor!!