October 12, 2008

-Ipoh Part 2-

I just realise i forgotten someone very important when me and my cousin plan where to start eating once we reach Ipoh. As normal routine we head to Tuck Kei to eat our Yong Tau Fu. Best!!

Bla Bla Bla skip everything until the last day! XD

As for our last meal before we leave Ipoh, my cousin never gives up to eat Ah Pak Chee Cheong Fun. Through out the previous trip back to Ipoh, he cant even get a drip of the sauce on his tongue because the business was too good until sold out.

12noon he managed to make it to skip the crowd and quickly order! No matter how quick he was, there is always a Queue.

The first reason is because his stall is popular. 2nd reason : He maintain his food quality on the good level. 3rd reason : Special working system.

Special working system is because he will take own sweet time to prepare every single order he received. Example people order 4 take out, 2 duwan chili, 1 duwan fried onion, 1 duwan this and that bla bla bla. He will pack everything accordingly.

Besides that, he pack the sauce set by set. Example I order 3 packets, he just finish packing 1 set of the sauces at a time den pack the 2nd packet.

In addition, he dislike people helps him to make the process faster. He prefer to do his own way. He got
*my advise let the pro do the job u newbie!*
-Ah Pak Chee Cheong Fun work station-
-Remember closed on Thursday & only got 2 prices only. Small : RM1.80 and Big : RM2.30
-Eat on the spot-

All the sauce spread evenly on top of the smooth chee cheong fun.

The smooth chee cheong fun and the sauce mixed together leads this simple dish to the perfection. Due to his special system, his Chee Cheong Fun always maintain the best standard and full satisfaction to his customer.

I would like to announce the RATING of this stall is 5/5.

Few steps down the road, there is a stall operates by an old couple selling fried noodles. So
I ordered a plate of Fried Kuey Teow.

-Fried Kuey Teow-

The aroma of this dish is marvelous. It is not stir fried but really Wok fried. It has fat juicy Ipoh taugeh fried together with it and the taste is good. 1 plate only cost RM2.80.Both of the stall located at Persiaran Bercham Selatan. Exact location or direction, sorry i dunno how to describe. Road in Ipoh Im still learning but my mind already has the map to some good places to eat =D


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Little Jae said...

I cant wait! Christmas period, we will be coming! You better prepare our makan itinery for us. Only good food! From KL to Ipoh!