September 20, 2008

-Dine in and Buy-

Friday night, no maid at home and mom decided to go 1 Utama for dinner. Too many choices to make, and i suggested this place.

Jack's Place in 1 Utama.

I ordered a Set Dinner. So i will have a full course meal.

As for starter :

Prawn Salad with Pasta

Soup of the Day

Is not mushroom/chicken/pumpkin. Is mixture of some kind of vege + potato with little bit of cream above it. Starting the taste is weird but as you continue, the taste slowly comes out.

This soup is really nice!!

N.Z Grilled Steak
Nothing much to complain or praise. Just that, the dish doesn't give me a feeling like Wow...Yummy! Just normal only.
Mango Pudding

As for mom :

Grilled Ikan Kurau
This dish is very bad!! Fish has a very strong fishy smell. Even added lemon juice on it, the smell is still there.

Yu Chen had her :

Basket of Seafood

Nothing special for this. Just mixture of deep fried calamari, prawns, crab sticks, fishball and some fries. The fries was the WORST. Not crispy at all

After dinner, went to parkson to buy my shoe for college use. As u knoe, APIIT/UCTI dress code : Formal. Non formal cannot step into college compound.*Stupid rules*.

From Parkson to Jusco, walked 1 end to the other i still cant find any shoe that suits me. Expensive shoe dosent mean is a good shoe. For me I would still prefer Bata! Once it is torn, i will just throw it away without tears. End up, I walked out from Jusco with a new beg and a new sports pants =)

Nice anot?? XD

Thats all about it. Stay tuned for next update. C ya.

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