May 27, 2008

-Cameron Highland-

I had a hard to time just to post this up. It took me 3 days to finish uploading all the photo in here. Haihz thanks to the Internet line!!

Last weekend, I should be enjoying my weekend in 1 beautiful resort at Rompin or Langkawi with my family but thanks to the school holiday peak season + full booking. =(

End up at cameron & Ipoh. Well not too bad at least not stuck in KL. Boring. Hot. While I enjoy cool environment.

Went up with my Spore uncle's car. Mazda 6. He just love driving terutamanya road uphill. I nearly behtahan in the car. Not enough sleep at night plus the car was swinging and speeding @_@.

First stop we went a Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas. The place where u can buy and drink
BOH products ONLY.

Tea house hanging on the hilltop.
Can see the path? Thats the path from visitor parking to the tea house. When we reached to the tea house only realise cars can be driven up also =.="
Tea Leaves

Lets see some view of the valley..............

After the tea house visit, we checked-in to Bala's Chalet. 40 years ago, it was a school operated by the British people but after that the owner bought over the place and convert it to a chalet.

The whole place is totally Imported ideas but Buatan Malaysia.

Take a look of the place.............

The car that made me @_@

My royal crown XD

Enough of the chalet pictures. Lets see some 'artistic' shot i have taken =P

Nice leh.

That's all for flowers. Then we head down to my uncle's relative farm. Self plucking farm.Lets have a short tour.......

The Grand Entrance
Big Fat Pumpkin
Red Radish Lobak
U know what is this?? Dunno?? i also dunno! XD if im not mistaken is called God's Palm Fruit.


Juicy Strawberry.

There are more vege and fruit planted in the farm but i lazy post it up. Hehehe

Nice to See Nice to Touch. Once Plucked Consider Sold!

Now my favourite part of the post and photo. The Food i had at Cameron Highland And Ipoh.

Fried Mushroom. Yummmy

Fried Pork with beer.

Asam Fish

Vege from local farm

Prawn Mee. Look and taste very different from KL.

Sui Gao. Wonderful. Full filling in there!
Spending the weekend at camerons how can i missed out the night market. Actually there was nothing much interesting until i spotted a stall selling ice-cream. Is just not ordinary ice-cream is all homemade with weird flavour.

Strawberry with Mango/passion fruit/chilli, Mocha Cheese. Lemon Cheese etc etc. All weird weird flavour.

I took Strawberry with Mango and Mocha Cheese. Sounds weird but taste nice! I made the right choice by following the croud.

Deep Fry Goose.

Kong Pou Fried Sotong

Should be Thai Asam Fish but turned out to be Asam Laksa Fish. =/

Char Siew. Best Dish among all!

Well the last 4 dishes are vegeterian. No Meat and should be halal. The vegeterian meal is in Ipoh. Last meal before we leave Ipoh. Miss the place.

Eaten alot of junk in Ipoh but dint have the chance to take photo. Next time ba =)

Next update should be on Sunday. Hopefully my Internet connection back to normal. Tata

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