June 1, 2008

-Alor Eating Marathon-

I just realise my blog don't have any post about Jalan Alor. Well now I have and need to go through a crazy night for it.

5 ppl in the group including me. People not allowed to list out as requested. 8pm arrive at
Meet up with those people middle of Jalan Alor after they did the survey along the road and the final decision was ........
Located almost the end of Jalan Alor.

The place is 1 busy place during night time and the way they do business like Portuguese Settlement, Melaka. Bug u around with photo of their food in an album bla bla bla....

We ordered...
Grill Stingray. Bit too salty.

Oh Jien. Fried Oyster. Wonderful. Big fat juicy oysters!
Kam Hiong Fried Lala. Not Hiong Spice Only.

Fried Rire. Looks ordinary but not too bad. Not too salty not too oily and not very wet. Just perfect.
Deep Fried Sotong. Very big. Very crispy. Very Yummy.

After we finish the food, pay the bill we head for round 2. Search for
Famous Wong Ah Wah BBQ chicken wing.

RM2.10 for 1 set = 1 wing with it's tiny drumstick.

Ordered 10 sets

Fresh, hot and juicy.

Well, some of u might not like this cause is too juicy but tonights group like it =)

Opps forgotten to take the shop picture. Sorry =)

After sapu 10 sets of chicken wing. We go for round 3! Beef Noodle. Located just behind Jalan Alor. First stall at the junction. Just take note got a signboard shape of a cow on top of the stall =)

Busy stall.

A giant bowl of chili sauce on the table.



A bowl of beef ball and noodle with shredded beef.
The combination of the thin noodle with the shredded beef meat is a good combination. It has it's own specialty.

Whole night spent less than RM30! not bad la.Hehehe. Thats all for Alor Marathon.

Next update dunno when. Just wait la. Nitez everyone!

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