May 25, 2008

-The Long Lost People-

On Wesak Day we had lunch at Fork & Spoon, Kota Damansara. People involved : Me, Henri, Ky, Nico, Pui San, Joanna, Yin Mei, and Li Hui.

Lets have a look of our lunch:

Ceaser Salad

Pumpkin Soup

Rosemary Grill Lamb
Carbonara Spaghetti
MeatBall Spaghetti
Hainan Chicken Rice
Baked Rice *Totally Unexpected*Chinese Set Lunch
Fork & Spoon Gallery

After meal we hang around chit chat and some fella playing PS2 at the game corner and cards!

Cat Woman. Meoowwwwww
She looks bored!
Join the fun!!
Jo & Ky. 100% of their concentration on a piece of tricky card.

Jo looks stress!!! End up the Chairman of the International Con Association teach her!

The following combo picture i dunno when it been taken and is kinda =.="


The bill turned out to be Rm130.** Some food might be over pricing but overall not bad la. No extra charges for gov tax and service tax! The place even open extra business hour for football night! Can have some beer and on9!! Free Wifi only not beer!

After lunch we went to Joanna's house to play the game "7" like we played at Bagan Lalang. Before that, we dropped by at 7-11 to buy 2 bottles of 'Malta'. Drink it as punishment.

The game involed math!! brain twister game!!! Yin Mei is good in this game! Tried to kenakan her so many times but failed. End of the day she still fall for it!! XD

5 Minutes Later...........

She drinks again!!! *High Jor*

Thats all for our lunch. Stay Tuned for my next post about Cameron Highlands!

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