May 17, 2008

-Yong Tow Foo-

It has been a long time I dint update my blog. Well cant really blame me lo, no go out makan = no update and it should be updated yesterday but suddenly plan changed early in the morning.

Until today! Noon went down to Ipoh Road,KL with my family to eat Yong Tow Foo. This shop sell the food similiar with Ampang Yong Tow Foo but taste i dunno! Never try before at Ampang and im not really interested in it!
The prices starts from RM0.90 to RM3 each serving*talking about food! Drinks different!*and the order system like KimGary. Write on the piece of paper give to the waiter and wait.

Paper Wrap Chicken
Yong Tow Foo in thick sauce
Yong Tau Foo in Soup
Fried Yong Tau Foo

Well for me, eating Yong Tow Foo I still prefer Ipoh at Pasar Pinji! Walah..nothing can replace them!! Cheap and nice.

For KL standard this consider good enough! Service good and fast. Fish paste alot in it!

Whole meal only cost RM39.90 for 4 including drinks. Cheap or Exp u guys judge urself!

-Thats all about it-

Now i feel like going to to Kelana Jaya buy some cendol back home. Wait for the next update =)

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