May 6, 2008

-Heineken & Chivas-

This is a pending post. It should be posted up 2 months ago but my comp was dead so i dint have a chance till today. Hehehe Reason not only i dont have a comp and kinda like lazy & no mood to update the blog.

Well now i have the mood to do it =)

Let me introduce to u guys, this is Heineken. Is a Hamster not a Rat! H-A-M-S-T-E-R. I adopted it from my "LengJai" classmate Amelia. *Is a gal actually but dunno y always call her LengJai XD*

Cute right?? =DShe gave it to me during my class BBQ Gathering. Those monster wanna BBQ =(
Heineken came along with an old cage, and I was thinking should i buy a new home for the hamster??? Think Think Think...YES I SHOULD

Off me go to Taman Megah Pet Shop. Look Look Look...WAhh those hamster aint cheap man!! Rm48 paling murah for the most simple design. NOT NICE!!! duwan so i just bought a packet of hamster food tat looks like my nutrition bar XD

When i reached home, i saw my Spore cousin on9. Ting! I just remember she was giving away her bangalow hamster cage. ngek ngek ngek and she planned coming to KL in the following week. Perfect chance!!

Wahlah the new home! Import from Singapore. got alot of new stuff compare with the old cage. This cage got 2 SMART Tunnel, 1 Gym,1 tangki water, 1 bedroom, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom and 1 dining space. =D

Some of u must be thinking of all name y named it Heineken right??

Well, it started from Chivas!

My sister's cat. Currently in Perth right now. Actually not she named is her housemate named it Chivas. =/ That fella sure Alcoholic! tsk tsk tsk tsk

She always say how naughty is cat bla bla bla bla. Ya right..Macam she will kick the cat out from the house like last time.

We 2 just love house pet but dunno y our mom, the opposite side. Haiz

From the picture the last looks cute! i admit good looking!! but poser<== sam's*my sis* says

=/ looks like a poser???

All i knoe i got a blur and lazy hamster!!

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