April 24, 2008

-Free This and That-

Few weeks back, my mom gave me 2 free GSC movie tickets. Can watch any show as long got the '*' <==thingy der = old show. So today I used it to watch Ah Long Pte Ltd with Yu Chen.


The show screen for a very long time already but yet there are still so many people buying the ticket =/ Well, the reason i say that, is because today is the 3rd time we tried to purchase it, but the cinema is either full or bad seats.

Last week, i watched Nim's Island.

The show was not bad but i sat first 3rd row, end up neck pain. Haiz.

After watching Ah Long, I only understand y Nico watched it for several times yet he still say VELI NICE!!!

After movie, my plan was going out with my cousin brother. In the end, reach his hse late liow so changed to tomorrow. While lepak in his room, he asked and tells me a very weird thing.

Couz : Eh ur car petrol tinggal how much???

Me : ERmmm not much left, 1 petak tinggal.

Couz : Oh ok later drive your car out. I PUMP PETROL FOR U!

Me : WAT??? @_@ *thought he was joking* OH ok!! What petrol??

Couz : Petronas

I was expecting any petrol station i like! If i get to choose, my choice will be Shell V-POWER FULL TANK but petronas only =(

Well, still free petrol im happy about it and i can drive with that tank of petrol for 2 half weeks =) I asked him y pump petrol for me, he duwan tell me =/
Anyone knows the reason ma???

My car never pump full tank before for a very long time or should i say after the car hand over to me no more full tank. Hehehe

Overall, today got free movie and free petrol. Hmmm how come no free house or car geh??

Thats all for today, time for me to dream for my car and house XD. Nitezzzzzzz

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