April 26, 2008

-Bukan Halal-

Last night I went to Jalan Alor with Pui San, Ky, Nico & ND Seah*kidnapped victim* to have supper. Food ok la but down gred jor. Last time the food taste better.

Photo??? ALL BLUR!!! Ng Liang so decided not to post it but I found something to replace it =)

Just now I went to Jaya One with my mom to have lunch. -Duck King- It is located opposite UTAR. ALot of restaurant and empty shops as well. Once the place is fully occupied, i think it will be more success than NiuZeXui.

It is not a bad place to have a meal and drink =)

Lets see the food...........

Roast Duck & Char Siew. This 2 Combination are just too wonderful!! Yummy

Siu Long Pau. *Not so special* I had once in Spore..Much better than this!

Dumpling/ Sui Gao. Very nice!! Must Try!!

Chai Mee. Looks normal right?? Dont judge by it's look! The texture ngam ngam bagus. Not too lembut not too keras. Just perfect. WAlah.That all i had for lunch.

Price...i dunno about it but mom paid using credit card. So i dunno how much it cost. Even their Menu dosent display price. So Best of Luck with the bill if any of u go!

Now going to Secret Recipe. Tata.

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