April 16, 2008

-Gathering UCFF0703-G2-

The moment everyone has been waiting for.....

Ya real update now since everyone pushing me to do it!! GRrrrrrr

Tengok how concerned am I, without a proper comp i still update it!! I still havent get my new comp!!! Trying my best to get it during the weekends!

My Foundation over liow & dis group of people will be pisahkan into few groups T_T so haimat suggest that we organize a gathering.

Macam biasa I incharge go beli all the food and stuff but this time i drag Mz along...Kekeke

Venue : OUG at Chinn Pei's aka UCFF0703-G2 Tai Ka Che. *Terstep on her tail, thats it Bye Bye*

During afternoon the weather was so hot and i was forced to tapau cendol!! *oh best!!*. Hours later, Bing Bang Boom Thunder storm!!! Lucky the rain stopped before we start our BBq if not it gonna be Charcoal Steamboat instead of BBq.

By the time i reach der, the stove started up by our class Asian Shrek*Ryan*

oo..Beautiful Fire But too big the fire!

Our Meal 4 the night!! Kepak , batang-batang and bola-bola to feed 19 Monsters.Oh left out the lamb tim. Best dish XD

The VIP stove was stolen by them =(

Ask him smile give me dis face =.=

Botak : Ngek ngek just in time!! I Love being punctual!

Ryan And Himmat. 2 Freako XD

How can 2 of them only. Group of people jumped in! Roar

Dunno who abandoned these 2 fella!! Can become Charcoal liow.

GRoup picture!! Eh missin 1 fella...HAIMATZZZZ!!!!!

Oh Der he is!!! Ya Complete with everyone for that night la.

After meal all playing around cucuk ere n der =/

Cucuk Cucuk!!!

What are they trying to do =S

hmmmmm are they fighting for me?? OMG AMitabha

My wings!! Yummy

Happiest Guy on earth. Left Right pun ada. ho-ho-ho-ho

What can i say?? XD

The worst time after every BBQ party is the clean up. Gosh Lots of work!! Only 7 people stayed back to clean up the place =(

Thats all for the gathering night. Not much photo taken too busy cooking and eating.

Next update wait till my new comp mali la!!! Sabar people SaBar!!!

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