December 3, 2007


Friday morning i left early for class cause i knoe Mz's area sure jam . After picking him, escape from the Jam area time still in schedule. For the first time i gonna be early for class. Happy man!!!

When i reach APIIT, i just realise Mz & I dunno where is d classroom. So we walked from 2nd floor den 3rd floor but our class not der! Den i saw Derek Kuan(Classmate) walking at the ground floor.

From 3rd floor i asked him where is the class and he replied me AUD 2 which is 4th floor. OK lo go to AUD 2 open door something is wrong NO PEOPLE! Not long later he send a SMS to Mz guess wat is the msg??

"Class at 1-6" Bloody hell the class at 1st floor. KNN he made us walk and IM LATE FOR CLASS AGAIN!!$@%^@#&$@#%@#&@%

Believe it anot not even 1 class im early haihz. Y tell me Y. Wat happen to me??? Must be sticking to Nico too often liow!! Agree??xD

Afternoon after class Penang Trip ho-ho-ho

For those who want to improve their driving skill, go Penang! Driving 1 day in Penang is like driving 2 weeks in KL city!! Trust me is true. Penang drivers are more ganas than KL drivers!!

Normally cars in Kl, when u wanna come out from a road u just drive out a little then people will just slow down & let u out. Well in Penang, dunt do that!! u will never get to move.

U need to be GANAS ROAR c any gap just pecut keluar dont care about the car cumin towards u. U need to PAKSA them to stop for u. Der is no one WILLING to stop for u.

When u are walking in Penang Town, wanna cross a busy traffic road. Is simple just close ur eyes, put up ur hand and walk with a smile. If dunt do that, u wont get to cross the road.

*I Minta Maaf dari those Penang People are reading dis. It is just facts*

Let's c the Food List...............

Asam Laksa *Can u spot der is something which is not suppost to be in der??*

Chau Oo Zhien aka Fried Oyster =)

Cendol kat Jalan Penang

Look at the amount of Cendol in der. The taste is not too sweet just perfect with fined shaved ice. During a hot and sunny day, dis is just too PERFECT

Look at the amount of people but dont worry. Dunit wait very long, all prepare in fast speed.

Der are few important points for this stall. Dunt go to d wrong stall. I show u :

  1. go to the most crowded stall. normally cendol sold by indian or malay right? c the pic, d fella on the right side in white shirt is the owner. He is a chinese.
  2. I knoe is only half but u should be able to c his skin colour XD
  3. is only Rm1.50 per-bowl.

Beside this cendol stall, i had another asam laksa in a coffee shop.

Dis asam laksa stall appeared in local show "Ho Chiak" before ar!! Dunt play play!!

Some of u might be thinking have a bowl of cendol and asam laksa in the coffee shop right?? Well dunt do dat. Reason y??? C Dis

Cant read?? OK i tell

"Kedai Kopi Kami Berniaga Dengan Modal Kecil. Masuk Duduk Minima Satu Gelas Minuman. Jika Tidak Akan Dikenakan Rm0.40 Seorang."

The cendol stall is too famous. The owner of the shop duwan to have mou lui people sit in his shop.

Mz say is gonna be spicy. He cepat cepat order a drink *Kiasu* XD but tengok he still enjoy his laksa. Those cant eat spicy food, dunt worry u can take it =)

Before and After. Hehehe

I Dint get to eat Macalister Lane Char Kuey Tiew cause SOLD OUT. Sleep too much jor..aih aih wasted. Lebuh Cecil Balitong and Baby Octopus missing also T_T . Just not enough time to eat so mant stuff. Hehehe

Can c anything in this photo??

Still cant figure out wat izit?? ok ere it is ..............

Ya BBQ at the beach. Organize by Mz's fren.

From left : Mr.BBQ sauce, Mr. Har aka Mr.Prawn, Me , Mz, Mz's fren and Mz's fren's fren. Got 2 fella missin in the picture. Mr.Spicy And Mr.HOtDog.

We were in the middle of the BBq, Mr.Spicy decided to leave us and Masak Porridge with someone. Mr.Hotdog was snapping the picture.

Ere are some of the pictures taken during that night :


More to the FIRE!!!

Mr.HotDog tried to cook those fishball like dis but he failed. All ended up on the fire.

Bob, Peter, Jason and Billy should be swimming in the sea. Dunno how come dey end up ere =/

Ahhh Love dis photo. Just dunno y...Maybe is the contrast of d colour =)

Mr. BBq sauce : Eh my prawn is coated with honey or sand??? Looks shiny leh!!!

*Honestly everything we ate that night, all coated with a layer of light sand on it de* =X

Althought is just a simple BBQ, i really enjoy it. Is something new to me. Thanks to Mz and his frens let us tag along =)

We were not the only group der. Got another 2 group der too but kinda sat pai. 1st BBq group students lai de organize a BBq but never prepare all the stuff.

Dey forgotten to bring starter end up get from us. Hopefully next time dey dunt forget to bring charcoal!!

Another was older than us. Dey dunt use starter to start fire but use a flametorch!! Hightech sial end up FAIL. When we finished with our BBQ, we gave them our flaming charcoal to help dem start the fire.

Our group best except someone brought the plastic wrapper instead of the aluminium foil XD but we still manage to cook without it.

ohhh Mr.Hotdog is wearing the yellow shirt and Mr.Spicy is on the right in black. That fella war game player lai de. Dunt mess with him man!

Thats all about my Penang Trip. Next should be Melaka. Phooo Hopefully wont get Broke.
Bloggin aint an easy task. I wonder how people can post so many. Just Wonder. =/

Tiredzz now sleep. Tmr T-Bun Tourney for Clan Tian...ROAR we shall go in as a noob, play like a noob and win like a noob Rolf.

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