December 25, 2007


Yesterday my house had a party for the countdown. Banyak relatives mali wor. All the spaces in the house was occupied with kids running around. =S mau pengsan!!

Since got so many people, i called nico, ky and li yeong join me at home since got no plans during night time.
After meal we play chor tai dee outside the house. I duwan get my head shaved botak and get posted on Star headlines. We dint play with money but loser do pumping.

Is a good thing to do!! Keep fit wont gain weight. ho-ho-ho

Got no photo, lazy to take the camera + busy eating =X

11pm me, those 3 donkeys and my cousin(phylicia) head down to Club7 again cucuk bola. They were doing a christmas promotion buy 1 bucket of beer free 1 bucket. So wat the heck is x-mas eve, we took that =)

Beer makes our aiming sux in pool!! the stupid ball just cant follow our instruction =/

After 2 hours of pool i seems like keep talking rubbish! maybe im just tired. I only had 5 hours of sleep!!!

b4 we go home, we stopped at William to have supper and we ordered some drinks and food.

Well, dis wat happen. After taking the first order, we added 1 order Roti Tisu taken by William himself.

He shouted all the way to the kitchen, "LUAR ROTI TISSUE SATU"!!
den not long later 1 of his worker came with a box of tissue!!


We told him we want ROTI TISU



Gosh these 2 name just too close.Normally people wakes up early in the morning,open presents and screaming around but me woke up at 12noon on Christmas Day. My family went out to have branch without me and my cousins =(
We digged around in the kitchen cin cai settle our meal and der they go shopping again. Me stay at home sleep again until 5pm+
I almost slept the whole day and wondering how am i gonna sleep tonigh!!

Going Eye on Malaysia after dinner but HUJAN again. Haiz.. Everyday rain until i sien see the sky. =/

I wonder what can i see up there???

Time to eat and prepare. =)

Wish u all Merry Christmas And Happy New Year.

To those having a bad time, dont be sad!! Be happy to prevent getting old so quickly =)*

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