December 10, 2007


ypLast weekend Me,KY, Li Yeong and Nico traveled down to Melaka. Besides that, Pui San joinned us in Melaka cause currently she is studying in MMU. Our purpose is to explore and learn about Melaka history.


Among us, who will do that?? We just HATE history!!!

Real reason is EAT EAT EAT PAY PAY PAY LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH<===*Love this!!*
BROKE BROKE BROKE<=== *hate this part* worst part is during meal time tighten our belts =( Well I dont need to do that yet!!

At first we plan to take bus and travel in town using Pui San's car but 2nd thought screw it. Just drive!!! Well, im not the driver. Is a wise decision and im happy with it

Travel using Nico's jumping avanza and he is the driver. Muahaahaha

U know y passengers best?? Lets see what are they doing......

Ya u get to sleep. Sorry Li Yeong im the budak-camera =)
*Do u feel strange for a Malaysian passenger fasten his seat belt?? Well is normal for this avanza =)*

Before we go to Melaka we stopped at Seremban to eat Beef Noodle in this Seremban Indoor Market.

This is the Beef Noodle with soup

This is Dried with Black Pepper sauce.

Both are just wonderful. *Pui San u missed this best dish*

Try not to miss this people when u are traveling down south.

After makan we continue our Journey to the West
I mean Journey to the South.

Then feeling sien sien dei in the car i did something. Phone conversation Me, Nico & Pui San. *I took this from Pui San's blog. Malas to tulis everything but she tinggal something out i add in to make it complete*
Rayner :We are at Inti Nilai now, Nico went to pack his stuff and his car cannot start!!
We called the mechani already, waiting for them to come.

Pui San : Harhh, so how?

Rayner : Are you coming back to KL? Come fetch us back when u on your way.

Pui San : I not going back leh. After the mechanics come, if still cannot start, call me, I go back
Ahh, Ok.*hangs up*

5 minutes later.

Nico : Eh, can you come and fetch us NOW?My car now got smoke already, I didn't check the
water before I leave.

Pui San : WAH, got so serious ah?

Nico : Ya lah, we are all stranded at Nilai.Come fetch us to get our car to fix.

Pui San : Erm.. ok, I'll reach at 11+

Nico : Now is already 12

Pui San : I mean 1+

Nico : Ok, then can you fetch us to Malacca?We still want to eat.

Nico : Can u bring screwdriver along??

Pui San : Huh? I don't have screwdriver lah.
*If dunno about the screwdriver story go to sanny's blog, under my birthday*

Rayner + Nic0 + Ky + Li Yeong : GOT CHA

Rayner : HAHAHA, joking nia we are on our way to Malacca now. We in the car too boring
already.It was Nico's idea! We just left Seremban, will be reaching at around 1.10pm.

*Ok it was not Nico's idea. It was mine XD*

Not long later, Ky dont agree with Nico that we will reach Ayer Keroh at 1.10pm. So they made a bet. Loser belanja Makan
If u see carefully the radio clock is 1.10pm & we just.......

....reach the toll. There is a car infront of us making the payment. So, Nico thought there is still hope. Mana tau once that car pass the poll, the time is 1.11pm. There is no more hope!!

Ky WON the bet!!! Lunch! Ky happy sial

After 2 hours in the car, Finally get to see this! Then we head to MMU to pick Pui San. MMU is very very deserted and well hidden!! Is hard to locate MMU!!! I Wonder how is MMU kat Cyberjaya???

After picking her up, we go settle our room for the night. Here are some the photos taken from the hotel.

This picture reminds me of Kuala Lumpur Police HQ. =X
Our room.Wonder what is Nico laughing at ???

d Toilet. Behind is the shower place.
Overall Macam "Loong Foong Hak Zhan" Read it in Cantonese. Still dunno go watch more chinese ancient movies. Well is only Rm80. Cant expect much kan.

After the room has been settled, we head to Jonker Street for out lunch.
Stall 88 eat Cendol and Laksa.

This is the famous Baba Durian Cendol with Gula Melaka but last time i ate got more Gula Melaka. This time kedekut liow =(

Baba Prawn Laksa.

It comes with 7 pieces of medium size prawn! Look like Kl so called 8 pieces but actually got 4 pieces cut into half become 8 =S

This i dunno what is this. Li Yeong order i wonder he still remember anot. I will edit when i finds out.

Got another type of noodle but before i get to snap it, makan liow =(

After lunch, we head to the Kubu a.k.a back door. On the way there, we passed by this junction

I had a bad experience at this particular junction. Dont worry i was not raped. During the previous Ghost Festival weekend i was knocked by a motorbike from the left side of the road and end up on the right side. The distance is not to say very near. How i end up so far?? i also dunno =/ Lucky that time the road was not as busy in the photo if not double bang . GG R.I.P

I wasnt able to walk properly and skipped badminton for a week. Just a minor damage.

Anyway we continue walking all the way to that kubu a.k.a back door and snap some photo....

From the left : Ky, Li Yeong, Nico and Me

Top of the hill.

For those havent see A'famosa b4. Taken from the hill top.

Front view.

Ok the reason why this known as the backdoor? Take a look at this ......

See that small black dot the red arrow pointing?? That is today's A'Famosa.

From left : Pui San, Nico, Me & Ky
I wonder what is inside this canon? hmmmmm

Melaka River. Dont get conned by the photo. The real scene is not like this. Go Melaka see for yourself.

I dunno why is this sign on the bridge. HARPER'S RESTAURANT. There was not any restaurany nearby =/

When we were walking back to our car, Nico met his twin brother!! arent they look the same? =)

Next we head to Portugise Settlement for dinner. The place got too many stalls and too "friendly" people. You will understand when you are there.

The night was cold and windy. We sat at the right side but orderes from the wrong stall.

Fried Sotong.

Fried Lala with Ginger and Cili Padi.

Crab. Forgotten what sauce liow. Picture kinda dark cause the place kinda dark.

This is Portugis Grill Fish. I think.

After meal disaster. Scary looking =S

Dinner kau tim liow, fetch Pui San back to MMU and we head back to our hotel a.k.a Loong Foong Hak Zhan.

Whole night we play Chor DAi Dee. To make it more fun, loser need do pumping 5 times. Is not a bad idea after eating so much food. Den after few rounds, make it more chi kek the 4th placing which is loser need pump 10 times and the 3rd placing need pump 5 times. So in the game, 2 people no need to do pumping wherelse the other 2 ngek ngek ngek

Ky did pumping the most. Lousy card player!!! XD He did almost 100 times.

Next morning we check out from the hotel & hired a luggage boy. Maria a.k.a KY

Leave the hotel, go to MMU fetch Pui San again. At first we passed by the chicken rice shop and Nico was trying to park. So i asked him
Rayner : why find parking??
Nico : cause i want to park??
Rayner : Have u forgotten about Pui San??
Nico : S*** need to fetch her meh??
Rayner : YES!!!
We nearly ditch her and eat the chicken rice. Hehehe

Who say cant get 3 fella in the photo?? See who holding camera nia =P
We went to a old looking shop called Chung Wah instead of Hou just below of Hou Kei only.
5 chicken rice ball for each of us. 1 cost Rm0.50

This plate contain 1 whole chicken. We manage to finish everything. Well got Ky and Nico there is no such thing of waste or extra food. Hehe Is good thing!

People dunt waste food!!

Next we head to Jalan Tengkera for Nyonya Kuih. We did not go to the shop instead of that, we go to their production place where they make the kuih. Everything fresh fresh.

There are so many types of different kuih.

Group photo in room where dey stall all the kuih were ready to be eaten.

What is that sign trying to tell me?? Anyone know ma??
During afternoon nothing to do, so we went to MBO watched Heartbreak Kid. Sien..Alot of cut scene! Better buy the DVD!!!
We bought the ticket around 12+ for 2pm movie. Sien Sien dei what we did =D take a look :

Fantastic 4 : Rise of the Silver Surfer *Hollywood Edition*
Prepare for.
Got heart problem mou??? Got better X dis page..Dunt have den continue scroll down

Fantastic 4 : Rise of the Silver Surfer *RTM Edition*

National Treasure 2 : Book of Secrets *Best wei must not miss this!*

National Treasure 2 : Book of Mathemathics

Still got the chipmunks de but failed =( hard to do

Still got alot of time, end up use sumore money in the arcade :

Ky u for sure lose la. Li Yeong the big bully got longer arms than u!!

House of Dead 4 machine got this weird sticker......

It written "Untuk Kanak-Kanak Saja"
Excuse me, House of Dead 4 for kids only??? Is there something wrong???

These 2 kid must be playing for a long time

After movie around 3.30pm hungry liow, wanted to go to a laksa shop behind Jalan Tan Cheng Lock. Mana tau Jam all the way there and by the time we reached there close jor =(

So, we end up at Jonker Street stall 88 again.

Me & Pui San

We ordered a Baba Rendang with Minced Fish & Prawn.

There onli Minced Fish No Prawn. =S Prawn MIA Is either i ordered wrongly or they forgotten about it.

Dinner at Auntie Lee's Nyonya House. This place, if u wanna eat have to do a day earlier reservation if not hardly get to eat. In thier shop only got 7 tables. U can even order your food when u doing the reservation.

Before the food been served, we played Chor Dai Dee again same rules. Loser do pumping. I lost all the game. I need to do 30 pumping =(


Thank god, all the game we played missing 1 card. So all the games not counted. 30 pumping NO MORE muahahahaha =P

These what we had in the restaurant :

This Prawn Otak-Otak Best. Must not leave this out!!!

Along Jalan Bunga Raya, there this stall in a small food court selling fried oyster*Or Chien*.
I think is Ky's favourite, for the sake of him after dinner we terus go to that stall.

Look at the amount of eggs + oyster he frying. Im talking bout every round he fry like dis! Famous among the local =/

The best part is finding the oyster among the egg. Is hard!!!!

We left Melaka at 9.57pm Reach home at 1am+. Thank God my class at 1.45pm pheww...Ky kesian abit. 8am class XD

Overall trip not bad. Fun =) Manage to find the places with an outdated map given by Mr.Heong Wai Kit.

Wow Dis blog is Super Duper Long =.=" Finally i can Go Game =)

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