December 23, 2007

-Ipoh Mali-

It has been a long time my blog has not been updated. My bad got nth to blog lately until now!!

I dint realise until someone told me my posts for December is all about food. Well, this is my 3rd post about food in December. ^^V

My uncle and his family from Australia came back to Malaysia for holiday. Before that, they already been to Singapore, Penang and Bangkok. It has been a long time my uncle has not gone back to his hometown, IPOH.

So we planned a weekend in Ipoh. He misses the most is NOT the town or the place where he grown up is the FOOD he misses the most!! Same as me =)

Once we reach Ipoh, we stopped at a noodle stall in Pasir Pinji. They serve good and nice fried crunchy food like those photo below
It only cost RM0.50 each pieces i think and it is not a small piece! Is consider very big compare those serve in KL and filling with fish paste in it.
We arrived kinda late so there wasn't much choices left =( but is ok with me. I always eat it when i go to Ipoh. Thats for sure!! Never miss it not even once in record!!!

Night fall Dinner time. Ngar Choi Kai a.k.a Bean sprout chicken. Before we go to the food part
try to spot the difference within these 2 photo. Open your eyes widely and read carefully O.O
Congratz if u able to spot it. If u cant, dunt blame me when u go into the wrong shop and eat!

I went to:


Ipoh has the best Hor Fun around! It is so smooth when u touch it and tasty as it looks in the mouth.
Look at it, it is so thin and smooth!
Remember, next time u eat hor fun, if it is not from Ipoh dunt order!! XD
Taugeh. Maybe most of u think it is nothing special about this! Well, let me point it out for u. Ipoh taugeh looks fat and short. Besides that, in Kl is long and skinny.

If u observe properly, u able to tell the difference within KL and Ipoh Taugeh.

There are 2 types of chicken sold in the shop. a) Ma Lai Kai (Malay Chicken)
b) Yuk Kai (Meat Chicken)

Is better to order the Ma Lai Kai cause according to my aunt, the meat texture of the chicken is better. Reason : They jog more than the Yuk Kai. *Dunno true anot*
This dish is the Ma Lai Kai. The meat texture is just too wonderful. The breast meat is as smooth as the drumstick and not lembik!! Must eat together with their sauce!!

Try mixing the Hor Fun + Taugeh + Chicken + Sauce = @_@

Got 1 food i forgotten to take photo is the Chee Cheong Fun i had for lunch. This stall located at Pasar Pinji forgotten which street. My aunt Q-ed for an hour just to buy it and sold out within 3 hours. The sold out i mean is habis EVERYDAY!!! Imagine how good is the business. =/

Lets have some photo of NOT food.

I dunno these taken from where but for sure at Ipoh. My cousin Pricilla took it.

When we were on the way back to KL, we stopped by at the Gopeng Town to have cendol.

This is really yummy!! Is only RM1.30 for extra jagung. RM1 for the normal. It is even cheaper than the 1 i had in Penang!!
The boss and his son. *Too free =)*

The Eating Travellers!!

When i was blogging half way, i felt hungry again and went to Ming Tien with my cousins.
Take my advice people dunt read or blog about food when it is close or after midnight!!

X-mas is cumin. New post cumin soon =)

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