May 2, 2009

-Golden Cookie-

25 April 2009 D-Day for APIIT/UCTI Sports Carnival Day. Besides that, it clashes with my Bali trip. Thank god the flight was in the evening and my competition starts in the morning.

Me and Derek registered for badminton men doubles. The night before the competition i packed 80% of my luggage and went to bed and early morning off me go.

Everything started as schedule on that day but not my game. My opponent for the first round did not turn up on that day and waited again for the 2nd match. During the 2nd round i met with my foundation friends Charles Ding and Phang Sheng.

They played well on that day as in partner for the first time, in the first competition and manage to score above 15 points. So, we advanced to 3rd round against an Indonesian pair. Derek dint want to give them a chance because they were cocky after winning their opponent. The game ended with their score below 10.

After that game we waited about an hour for finals. During that time, time is important to me because my flight at 7pm and that time 4pm my match still havent start. I was so nervous wanted to give up and let my opponent just grab the Champion without a drop of sweat.

Sitting there, thinking for solution and problem solved. Derek offered me drive me to the airport and meet my mom there. Although the time was very rush but I took the risk.

Finals we met an Indian pair. 1 of them had proper training and a very strong player but his partner is weaker. It was a challenging match and both team played well. The game ended the score

15-21 ; 21-16; 21-18

We won Badminton Men's Double Category. *Cheers* *Cheers*

We dint attend the prize giving ceremony but to rushed back home pack my remaining item and go to the airport. I manage to reach the airport about 6pm and board the plane in time. I dare not have the same experience ever again!

Besides medal there will be a hamper and cert* i think

Crunchy and shining cookie.

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