May 2, 2009

-Bad Hunting Season-

1pm lunch appointment in Sunway Pyramid on LABOUR DAY with Li Hui, Joanna, Pui San and Yin Mei. Trust me is a B-A-D choice choosing pyramid. Li Hui and I went together in a car and the others have their own transport. Btw, Li Hui drove and picked me up. So big gal liow!!! Ussually Im the one picking her from her house XD

Parking on that day is like 20 hunters hunting for 1 deer in a forest. While we searching for parking, we met Pui San walking towards the entrance because she found her parking and she join us in the car. LDP was so clear but the parking building packed with cars and even jam!!! Cars cant even move until we have to play a relaxing song and hon people for fun.

Conclusion Honda Jazz hon is very polite!!

Total duration hunt for a parking spot 1 hour and 20 minutes. This is my first time hunt for parking until this long. Using that amount of time I can almost reach Ipoh. XD

Our main motive on that day is to eat TGIF promotion meal. It BETTER BE GOOD!

Fried Mac & Cheese
Boneless Wings Shanghai Chicken Salad
Friday's CheeseBurger

How does it taste?? Go pay and try it yourself =P

Fine, since im a KIND person i put simple review.

Fried Mac & Cheese..ohhh the melted cheese. MUST EAT!!

Boneless Wings is too salty and dry.

Friday's CheeseBurger. The best part is the juicy meat Pattie but burger nothing can defeat the midnight RAMLI BURGER STALL.

Shanghai Chicken Salad normal only. Pui San find the taste very weird.

The day dosent end in Sunway Pyramid. Pui San, Yin Mei and I went to Omitsu Koshi, Damansara Jaya for dinner.

Mix Tempura
Saba fish with Teriyaki Sauce
Teriyaki Chicken

Conclusion the dinner is woondaifoo (wonderful). Mix tempura i like the most!!!

I shall end this post with the power of Nikon D60.

Love this photo. Combination of technology and art!!!

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