May 19, 2009

-Bali Trip 2009-

Phoooo...It took me days to upload and arrange all the photos in order. Finally, this is all about Bali, Indonesia. The trip that i nearly missed.

Hotel Puri Tanah Lot

The room was so OMG!! the air-con start to get cool at 7am. =.= It was so dam hot when i was trying to sleep.

Maybe I should thank "Robocop". I felt asleep while watching the show XD

Lucky it was just a 7 hours stop for a night. I wont want to stay for another night.

In the morning, I walked around the hotel. Took me about 5 mins walked the whole compound.

The resort had their own pool.

After a Continental Breakfast provided by the hotel, we started our journey.
Pura Taman Ayun. Our first stop. I would describe this place as a temple.

The entrance fee is 3,000 Rupiah which is RM1.

View inside.
A very quick tour due to the heat and the next following check point.
Shopping. Of course not just fruits and some souvenirs back home. I know what you thinking, i dint buy anything back =P

Manage to grab some sweet local strawberries.

Next stop, miniature of Angkor Wat.

Another temple

Me in Sarung. First time wearing in public. Lucky i was wearing a pants inside, if not for sure very windy at the bottom.

This tour is tiring. Travel in the car for hours, stay at the destination for minutes only. Besides that, travel makes me hungry. Time for lunch!

Tanjung Alam, Lovina Beach

Ayam Goreng in Garlic Butter Sauce

Fried Fish with Lemon Butter Sauce.

Once we finish our lunch, out tour ends and head to a new hotel.

Hotel Bali Taman.

From the lobby, this hotel give a "Not Too Bad". As i walk deeper and deeper into the hotel area, I was shocked.
The Garden in Taman Bali Suite

View outside from the suite.
This is a Suite.

The toilet is super big! I would say is bigger than my room. The shower area, is design stacked up with volcanic rocks.

The next morning, served American or Indonesion Breakfast.
Fresh Fruit Juice
American Breakfast
Indonesion Breakfast

So, the following destination is

Gigit Twin Waterfall

This place requires a little walking under the shady trees.
Entrace fee : RM1
Nice attractive flower

At that moment, I feel like jumping into the water.

The Twin Waterfall. Very impressive view.

Visit to another temple.

Is Lunch time!!!

Pacung Indah Restaurant
A place that overlook the valley

Good view with good food??
AppetizerCili Chicken
Grill chicken with satay
Stir fry Tauhu with Vege

Next check-in Hotel
Adhi Dharma Hotel
Family room

Real Big

The design is so unique. They put more effort to deco the back door than the front door.
Front Door Corridoor
Back Door View
Pool Side View
Mini Bar serving cocktail and drinks. Beer is like our soft drink.

For dinner : Seafood Dinner!!

Ganesha Cafe
Giant BBQ stove
Dinner on the beach

Can hire singer for a romantic dinner feel.
Seaweed soup. If i drink 1 more bowl of this, i will become botak!
Grill Crab

Grill Prawns
Grill Fish
All grill. Taste and quality is there. Price?? @_@

Next morning, My uncle and I went for our 1st scuba diving.
Nice beach.
Broop Brooop Broop

The package came along with a lunch.
Fried noodle
Fried rice

Once we were done with the diving, travel for an hour+ to Tanah Lot. Before that, we stopped by at a Warung for the famous local food BaBi Guling.
Road Side Restaurant.

It is so Local feel
Padi Field is everywhere.
Babi Guling came with these combo :

A plate of pork

Price : Above RM10. According to my father's friend. We been conned!!! It is so not the way I had in mind. haihz
Beach below the "highway". The water color is so "contrast"! so I WAN TO GO THERE!! T_T
Uluwatu, Another temple
There was once a japanese tourist fell down there. Such a miracle he survived from the height, wave, and rocks! Me in Sarung again.
Nice Scenic view capture with my Nikon D60.
Am I in the right tour group??? Im the only young fella der >.<
Nature CCTV
Natural Rock Formation that looks like a ship.
My mom : Can you spot a face??? O.O"
Worship area build on the rock.
Mom and I

Beautiful Sunset at Tanah Lot.

Rapuan Cili Restaurant
Can you see the volcano?
There is a pool behind the restaurant.
Pizza stove. I bet u cant see this in Pizza Hut.
Hawaiian Pizza. Cripy Crust. Very nice.
Rice in a cone

Fried Chicken with Balinese Sauce

Fried Ducky. Quack Quack
Simple Fry Fish

Overall enjoy the scenic view in Bali. Others not really fantastic. Food so dissapointed. It is so normal and expensive. My butt was as flat as the airport runway. Sit in the car until god knoes my feeling.

I can say, Malaysia island is better than Bali. My unforgetable island holiday, is my Lang Tengah '08.

=The End=

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