March 28, 2009

-Tanjung Sepat Take 2-

This post has been delayed very long. Im so sorry!! I wanted to upload the pictures but always feeling lazy to do it. Finally, I took the first step upload the picture and add text in a different day. How long it delayed?? Same day as the Japanese Lunch.

This is for dinner!!!! Yes same day. 2 super heavy meal. I gain weight is all my SISTER's FAULT!!!

Tanjung sepat, hmmmmm I posted once before but could not remember when. Try dig around in my history. This time, we went to different restaurant to eat.
Fried calamari.
Crispy and Yummy. I have been craving for it since that day until now!!!

Sweet and Sour Bamboo Lala.
This is a small size type. It is fresh and tasty.

Ordinary Lala.
The sweetness from the lala blends together with the moisture and produced a wonder soup taste.

Chili Crab.
Alot of people ordered this cooking style for their crabs. hmmmm to me nothing special but the crab meat can taste the freshness.

Chili Grill Fish.
This fish was grill together with it scales. This able to prevent the meat turn into charcoal and remain perfect done. The bad thing is cannnot eat the skin =(

Last time, this place is very cheap for their food but now expensive already. Everything has been marked up. Time to search for another cheap place to eat.

Rating : 3.3/5

=The End=

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