March 31, 2009

-Earth Hour Birthday Dinner-

A very simple family dinner in Seksyen 17 before Earth hour. Driving down heavily lighted road and nasty driver arounds. Puff

Curry Fish.

Not very convincing compare with their Asam Fsh.

Fried Butter Prawn

Crispy fried prawn. Smell and taste as good as it looks

Eggy Tauhu

Simple dish but rich with taste.

Buddha's bowl?? (Phat Put)

Rich with Yam and varieties of vegetable inside.

Char Siew with Bun.

The char siew is crispy at the outside and juicy inside. When you see it coming to the table, the smell just takes you breath away. Besides that, when it touches your tongue, it takes your life away.

All the food sounds interesting right? Believe it or not?
They are all vegetarian. No meat were served during that nightand is all HALAL *Wanna know how does char siew taste like =D* All the artificial meat are made into look alike and taste alike. The master chef must have really good skill for doing it.

Once we finish out dinner, we had cakes as dessert :
German Black Forest

Yea is my aunt't Birthday. So now, instead of just eating plain vegetable now we can have artificial meat for vegetarians.

As for the rating for this place given :
agreed by everyone including the person pays the bill!! BRAVO!!!!
Restaurant KuanYin located in Seksyen 17. Must TRY!!

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