March 3, 2009

-ReNyAr with Fine Dining-

Tuesday night, I went fine dining with Hong Yee, Tiang and Yein Mun. I wont say it is cheap but is nearby.

At the beginning, we were served...........
Stone bad i mean BUN. Is a BUN!!!

Later on, here comes our starter :
3 different choice on a plate.
Watermellon and tomota cheeries with cheese
Teriyaki Beef

Soon after the starter, we can choose our wine.
Red Wine
White Wine

4 types of main course : all Salmon

Yein Mun

Hong Yee

The differences within these 4 dishes are the mashed potato's flavour. It has peach, lemon. orange and another i dunno what izit XD.

Dessert :

If some of you, been wondering why I did not written the names for the dishes. The answer is : I dunno their names!! is too long and hard to remember. So be it! Live with it! hahahahah

Overall, the meal not bad for me. The only dish got problem is Tiang's. His mash potato is over flavoured until can taste bitterness. YUCK!

Mine is Peach. is nice! All the salmon were cooked pretty well. Just that their presentation were too fragile. By the time it reaches our table, disaster happens. The decoration starts to fall apart. No good! No good!

However, cant demand much and high expectation for this meal because all the chefs are student from KDU. Besides that, the restaurant also in KDU. Everything are done in KDU and by KDU student. The price for this meal is RM50! 3 course + wine.a

Honestly speaking, I am not too used to Fine Dining. Too many rules need to know XD I believe it goes same with the others. Anyway, some how is fun to experience it in a college not in the real world. Paiseh sial! =)

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