September 16, 2008

-Unhealty Treasure-

This afternoon, i went Atria meet up with Ming, sister's housemate from Australia to pass some stuff to my sister and get some stuff for myself =)

What izit???

-Plastic Beg-
Of course is a plastic bag!! Does it look like a roti canai???

Most important whats inside =)

WahLah...Fatty Bar =X i mean Choco bars and also my all time favourite........

............ baby!!! Dunno wat izit???Looks like dog shit??
Let me introduce...............Pesto Salami Stick with Basil and Mint. Flew all the way from Adelaide > Perth > PJ.
My 2nd baby!! My new lacket!! Btw compare the length of the x2 choco = my baby!!
Look at the Size of it~~! no wonder "Kuai Lou" so *** size la XD

i only got 2 bar & a beg of goodies. Others kasi orang lain de. Sumore I need to become Santa Ho deliver those choco to the right owner!! Choco bar is my present and those salami sticks are my pay. Those salami sticks i dont feel like eating them =( Once finish no more liow T_T

Ok Im abit "Yim Zhim"(choosy) with my choco. I must say Imported choco always the best =)

I would like to say
Good Night! XD

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