September 13, 2008

-Colorful Halal Burgers-

2 weeks of planning for a meal together from Pizza Uno to Pasta Party den Darabif. Is a fast food restaurant located in Sri Hartamas. In addition it is HALAL, NO PORK NO PORK!! So it is suitable for everyone =)

Auntie Sanny manage to call 3 person out only. (lousy) =P "Yin Mei, Li Hui and Me". Our journey begins............

New Imej Counter.
Colorful Packaging!!!Fries. Looks nice but NOT NICE. Is NOT hot or crispy. Just another ordinary Yucky Fries.
Yin Mei ordered her Hot Chick !! Hot Chick!!! (Chicken)
Auntie Sanny and her Lamb Glam. (Lamb)

Me and my Moo. Obviously is (beef) not pork!Li Hui the "cat lover" targets her Salmon Surprise. (fish)

Every purchase of 2 Combo set, we entitle to get a dessert for FREE!!
This is what we get.
Waffles with vanila ice-cream. Whole thing, ice-cream is the best. The waffle too hard and dry. It looks so different from the menu =(

As for the result, Im not satisfied with the food. Rating I would give only 2.5/5. Some people says that the meat in the burger is juicy. Well, i dont find it juicy nor delicious taste. Compare Fast Food Restaurant in PJ, for me Carls Jr ROXXXXX!!!!

When the sunset, moon i see! Nothing can defeat road side RAMLI burger!!! Thats for me XD

Sunrise, i have to become Kuli liow T_T . Prepare dinner for Mooncake Festival.

For more info about Darabif please refer

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