August 28, 2008

-Home Chef Reporting for Duty-

It has been many years back since i cook a complete meal at home. The only time i cook where there is any special occasions. Btw my maid went back Indo, so i have to do the cooking*dont mind* + cleaning and laundry*very mind*.

Yesterday 27.08.2008 was my m0m's birthday. I dint know what to get for her so cook her a meal instead. 10am early in the morning i woke up, clean up den went to Tesco snatch parking with Malaysian "Si Lai' parking to shop for my cooking ingredients.

Once i reached back home, i DID MY OWN LAUNDRY! After that, i start marinate the meat and prepare other food. When the clock turn to 6pm, i start cooking and here is the result:

Chicken Soup

Garlic Bread

Stuffed Jacket-baked Potatoes. Look at the melting cheese...hmmmm

Total Set : Stuffed Jacket-baked Potatoes, Coleslaw and Mustard-Glazed Lamb.

As for dessert did nothing XD

Wanted to make something but cant think of anything so just skip it. Hehe. Cooking part is the best BUT after that, the CLEANING is the KILLER!!

Thank God i've someone helped me out =)

Ladies and Gentlemen that all for today. Have a nice day.

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