August 14, 2008

-Malaysian Breakfast-

2 weeks back, my mom told me she had a nice plate of nasi lemak in Uptown, Damansara Utama with her friend. She told me so and so, I was thinking is just a plate of nasi lemak! In the end, I still cant stand it! Is a sin not to try it out XD. So this morning I woke up EARLY and had my breakfast with Yu Chen.

When we reached the place, as i expected parking issue. No legal parking available so I have to double park and leave a note on the dashboard with my number on it."hoping a hot chick to call" shhhhh =X

Let me guide using the easiest way. Take the LDP heading 1 Utama/Kepong. Before reaching BHP petrol station turn left. After that, 2nd junction on the left turn in. The land mark for the turn is the Bank Rakyat. The shop located 3-5 shops away from the corner shop lot.

The other way is, drive around Uptown until u see the restaurant. The world is round =)

Later on, seats problem. Every table was taken and by the way is 10.30am. Packed with nearby office employee!*All wearing formal, thats how i knoe*Is a small shop with very limited seats and people do reservation for a meal!! Can u imagine reservation in such place!!
-Village Park Restaurant, Uptown, Damansara Utama-
-Nasi Lemak + Ayam Goreng served with banana leaf-

-Teh Tarik-

Malaysian breakfast. A plate of nice Nasi Lemak and a cup of Teh Tarik. Drooling??? XD

The dish was served hot and fresh from the food counter. The sambal is just perfect for the dish. Not too spicy and not too moisture/dry! Everyone can eat! The rice, ohhh the aroma of the lemak and banana leaf below it! Just smell it and never forgets about it. The fried chicken, served hot, tendor meat and the taste proof marinate cukup kao! Besides that, they gave alot of kacang and fried ikan bilis.

Only the Teh Tarik Im not satisfied. Not enough kao but is another healthy cup of tea. Reason : Not sweet enough and not kao = healthy drink but not nice =(

Well, sometimes is good to eat and drink healthy =)
Most of u must be wondering or searching for the price right??

The normal nasi lemak is just RM2.30, fried chicken is RM4.50*bit over price* and the teh tarik is RM2.00*cafe price*. There are no extra charges in this restaurant.

Besides nasi lemak, they serve noodles and other thing which i havent try it yet. Well, maybe next time I will try the other food.

Next update might be "Basil Leaf Restaurant" for WGT Gear Up Party."Auntie Sanny cant go =P"

C ya!!!

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Little Jae said...

Hey Little Cousin!

Have been ages since I came into your blog... and I am really impress! You are using English and even proper sentance! I got a hard time reading your old blog and I really give up!

Good Job! Keep it up!