July 30, 2008

-Things that Flash Through my Mind-

Hello fellow readers, is time to clear those webs and mushroom in my blog! Well, remember i wanna post about the cacing durians?? Lets forget about it and move on!!

Not to worry, i got something else instead! =)

I love holidays and hate it at the same time! You know why?? When there is nothing to do or doing something, i will think about food. xD

Last 2 days i was playing Call of Duty 4 at home. Suddenly my mind was just thinking about pizza. So i google to get the recipe and read about. OMg so little ingredient needed. Why not?? Lets do it!!

Time usage 2 hours and 40 minutes for the dough. 45 minutes to prepare the complete pizza.

The dough

The ingredients. Fresh pineapple, onion, green capsicum, mushroom, chicken meat and some cook tomato sauce.

This is my first time making my own pizza. So the 25 minutes of baking in the oven. i veli the kan chiong or scared. It has 50% of success and 50% of fail.

The result of waiting for 25 minutes.

Besides those stuff, the most important is the CHEESE!!
Thats my pizza =) Next i will try the thin crust pizza! Ho-ho-ho

Sorry to make u people hungry but u know is fun making food post!!!

So long people, Im heading to Mage Cafe. Bye Bye!

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